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10 Things That Totally Suck At Emerson College

After almost a year and a half at Emerson, I can now say that I have seen the shadows that lie behind Emerson’s purple and golden exterior. All things have their vices, but Emerson seems to be leading in the disappointment department with these top ten sucky things.

  1. THE DH

Welcome to the most complained about venue in all of Emerson. If you haven’t complained about the DH – or, rather, the dining hall – then you have not truly popped your Emerson cherry. And trust me – there is actually something to complain about. Now, I know all college dining halls have their fair share of sucky attributes, but there is just something about the DH here at Emerson that really disappoints, and it’s 99.9% of the false perfection it preaches. The DH looks like it should be a top-rating eatery, filled with interesting treats and meals for all but instead it is a lack-luster area, filled with unspiced food that tried to accommodate for people with allergies by totally erasing the sections that catered to them! It’s okay, at least we get our board bucks to help when we swipe in and can’t eat anything!

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2. The Walker Elevators

Do you love cardboard box-sized elevators that can only hold two people comfortably, but somehow get eight people in them? If so, then ride the Walker elevators at peak class times! Not only will you be late to class even if you got to the building 20 minutes early, but you might even get a wonderful sense of panic running down your spine because you are squished between three people, a full backpack, and someone’s early morning Dunkin’ run. There is an unspoken rule that if you can climb the stairs and your class is on the second floor, you’re hiking up those steps. The elevators are perfect for those that like cramped spaces, being late, and stopping at every floor. If not, maybe opt for the stairs, go to class earlier, or take the 2BP entrance.

3. SpaceBook

Although this may not apply to all of Emerson, it definitely still deserves to be on the list. If you have ever needed to book space for rehearsals, meetings, or any extracurriculars that apply, then you know the Hunger Games-equse battle to the death fight that goes on at midnight of every night. Again, maybe not relatable to everyone but the type of stress that comes and goes in the span of minutes validates this stressful process to make the list.

4. Whiskey Saigon

If you go to Emerson, then you know the infamous Whiskey Saigon. Not only is it strange that there is a random 21+ club on campus, but every Friday through Sunday, it is almost impossible to get past the entrance without squishing your way through a horde of drunk, inconsiderate people that will invade your personal space! It’s uncomfortable, unnecessary, and it sucks that we cant even use it. It sucks even more when it catches fire and we also have to evacuate. But hey, at least the drunk people of Boston can relive their college experiences on our campus.

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5. The Paramount Studios

If you love to dance, sing, or do anything in between and you often have late-night inspiration, then you know the struggle of the early closing time for the paramount studios. Emerson prides itself on its commitment to the arts, but sometimes doesn’t facilitate that pride into something useful for growing artists to utilize their creativity. I understand it is hard to have 24/7 studios to run, but I feel like some compromises can be made to ensure our late-night creative bursts don’t go to waste.

6. Little Building

For all of my fellow sophomores, you understand the struggle of looking at the skeletal remains of Little Building (LB). LB was a building we never got to take advantage of nor really ever will but remains a huge cost on our tuition bill. Little Building will be a newly reinvented dorm building – for freshmen. Can’t blame us if we feel a little resentful looking at our money fly out the door to something we will never use.

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7. All These Buildings

Speaking of buildings, Emerson loves buying new things! One of our favorite things to buy is new buildings that, although expand Emerson’s campus, puts more dollars on our tuition bills for something, yet again, we cannot utilize. It sucks paying for something we might not even get to use.

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8. It’s Always on Fire

While other schools may be lit, Emerson is really lit – as in, always on fire. I lost count of the amount of fire alarms that went off my freshmen year and now, in my sophomore year, it seems that number is only going to get higher and higher. Disclaimer: I may just be bitter because I have to descend and then climb 14 flights of stairs every time the fire alarm goes off, but I digress. At least I can claim our school is fire, no matter how literal I may be talking.

9. Walker Smoke Section

Walking by a cloud of smoke everyday is not on my general To-Do list (ever), but it’s something that always happens whenever I leave the Walker building because right next to the doors, in the convenient enclave, lies the smokers of Emerson with their smoke clouds that fill my lungs just as much as their cigs fill theirs. It totally sucks to cough out of a bad habit you don’t even have, but hey, that’s just the Emerson aesthetic for, ya.

10. Lack of Diversity

I have saved the best for last, one that my sarcasm acts more as an ironic undertone to a really big issue here at Emerson. Our brand for diversity is one Emerson markets off of all the time, and while the LGBTQ+ diversity is very apparent, Emerson lacks in every other area of diversity. It’s a problem that’s been going on for a while and even though many people, including Emerson’s on P.O.W.E.R group bringing light to this issue, it seems to still be brushed under the rug. But just how Emerson preaches to use our voice, we are using it to make sure we no longer get brushed to the side and someone actually listens.

Overall, Emerson is a school with some pretty sucky things. But it does have its and potential, so maybe one day, this list might be smaller.

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