10 Things That Totally Suck At Ball State University

Ball State University is a great school but some times it completely sucks. Here are the worst things about Ball State University you all know about!

As proud as we all are to be Cardinals, there are a few things that, let’s face it, suck majorly at Ball State University.

1. The Dining Plan

Every time I tell someone about how complicated our meal plan is, I immediately realize how much it sucks. I don’t know anyone that will voluntarily get up before 10:30 am to get breakfast, yet we can’t get breakfast after that time. And don’t even get me started on the $8.50 we’re given for each meal swipe. If I had a dollar for every time a dining worker asked, “Rest on Dining Plus?”, I’d probably be able to pay for my salad and juice.

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2. Parking at the Stadium

I was lucky enough to have a friend that had a car first semester, but parking at the football stadium had its drawbacks. Having to go with her before every football game to move her car to the fairgrounds was simply annoying. Factor in trying to find parking in parking garages on weekends and having a car on campus rarely seemed worth it.


3. Blackboard

Need I say more about this website? It’s so counterintuitive that I’m a semester in and I still feel like there’s assignments that I missed because it’s difficult to find out where professors actually decide to upload them.

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4. We’re in the middle of nowhere

Sure, the Village near campus has a good used bookstore, a record shop, and Insomnia cookies, but once you’ve spent an afternoon there, you’ll realize there’s not much to do besides that. Plus, this means that your friends rarely want to visit you on campus.

5. The Scramble Light

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the Scramble light to get free t-shirts, but having to deal with frats or different student led groups trying to get you to buy things makes me want to avoid that area as often as I can.


6. Campus WiFi

Having Sprint means that I understand I probably won’t have signal in most of Muncie. However, I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been waiting for my Chemistry class to start and I can’t check my Instagram.

7. The Atrium at Noon

If you enjoy feeling like cattle trying to buy your Chick-fil-A during lunchtime, then go to the Atrium to use your swipe.

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8. It’s a huge school

Seriously, I underestimated the amount of people that attended Ball State University. When I walked into my first lecture hall at school, I was blown away by how many students could fit into a classroom.

9. It’s clique-y

I know that we all thought having cliques would be over after high school, but Ball State proved that not everyone moves on after high school.

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10. Trying to find house parties sucks

Even though the house parties for Ball State University can be super fun and I’ve met some great people at them, my least favorite memory was walking in the freezing October weather trying to find a good party.


Even though we might complain about how awful Ball State University  is, we’d never imagine ourselves anywhere else. Chirp Chirp!

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