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10 Things That Suck At Loyola University Chicago

10 Things That Suck At Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago students all understand the pros and cons of Loyola University Chicago. Here is a list of the things that suck at LUC.
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You went through the whole applying to college process and then the whole deciding on a college process. You decided on Loyola University Chicago. Something drew you in, so you’re here. But during everything, nobody told you the downsides of attending this school. Here are 10 things that totally suck at Loyola University Chicago.

1. Being so close to the lake

Yeah it LOOKS nice, but what about the winter? Did you think about that? Your face will literally freeze and fall off if you even think about looking in the direction of the lake while outside.


2. Having two campuses

Ok, so it’s the best of both worlds. A nice, secluded college experience and a downtown campus. But the commute? You can’t just roll out of bed and get to class right when it starts. You have to take the scenic commute down Lake Shore Drive via the school shuttle or take the L and get off right at Chicago. Ugh!

3. Being in Roger’s Park

Ugh, Roger’s Park. A nice community with a lot to do and a great town for a college? That’s the worst! Plus there’s several beaches? Lame!


4. The beach

Why would I go to class when it’s nice out, when I can go to the beach? Swim in the lake? Not be in class?

5. There are a lot of bunnies

Nothing startles me more than walking in the dark and seeing a bunny dart around! In the spring when the babies are hopping around? I could step on one!

6. Smaller classes

I can’t skip as easily when there’s like 20 people in a class. The professor knows me! I can’t just fly under the radar in those classes!


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7. The IC

First of all, it’s always full. Second of all, the lake is too pretty and too distracting. Plus the solar powered blinds! Those go down and pull me from my work! The worst!


8. Doggos on campus

Everyone wants to walk their dog on campus. I mean, I get it for them, to get their dog socialized and petted by college students. But I want to pet them ALL! I don’t mind showing up to class late because of the doggos, but my teacher doesn’t get it! Loyola University Chicago always has dogs running around.

9. The sun

The sun is too bright on the lake! It’s gorgeous but it’s too distracting. I need my sunglasses year-round when I even think about looking at the lake. Plus, if your dorm room faces the lake, you wake up early with that view.

10. The philanthropy and social issues focus

I want to forget about the world but it’s hard when I’m given a lot of opportunities to go to protests and donate to charities and sign up to support different things. Loyola University Chicago is known for having well versed students.

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