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10 Things That Only Leaving Home Can Teach You

10 Things That Only Leaving Home Can Teach You

Leaving home sounds thrilling – until it comes time to do so; In fact, it isn’t until after that you begin to realize the responsibility that comes with it – as you hoist yourself over the threshold of adulthood. Fortunately – even though it may seem scary at first – there are some things that only leaving home will teach you, and ten of them are listed below.

1. It Will Teach You How To Budget

Before you left home you may have tended to spend your money a lot more carelessly than you do now. Consequently, this oftentimes boils down to the simple fact that you weren’t on your own – at least not to the full extent. Instead, you had a cushion – to break your fall if necessary – which may have come in the form of a parent or guardian. But now, through being on your own, you’ll realize the true importance of allowance.

2. It Will Teach You How To Stretch Your Finances

You’ll understand just how big of a difference that a small monetary value can make when you’re on the verge of the next billing cycle. This is one of the biggest things that leaving home teaches you because you only have one chance of getting it right; if not, you run the risk of late fees, eviction, debt, and/or a variety of other severe consequences.


3. It Will Teach You How To Be More Responsible For Yourself

No one is there to keep you in check – which forces you to be organized in all areas of your life. Consequently, if you’re not already, then leaving home is sure to teach you how to do so in the fastest way possible. Laundry, dishes, attending class, showing up to work – among a variety of other similar tasks – aren’t going to complete themselves. In other words, they require effort, as you’re no longer responsible for just yourself, but also the environment that surrounds you.

10 Things That Only Leaving Home Can Teach You


4. It Will Teach You How To Check The Weather

While living at home the weather forecast is easily accessible. In fact – before you’ve even stepped foot out the door – your family is usually there to inform you of the temperature. Fortunately, this is helpful if you’re someone who takes risks when it comes to the weather – or someone who crosses your fingers in hopes that a huge amount of rain doesn’t try and surprise attack them.

5. It Will Teach You How To Adjust To New People

You may find yourself moving in with one person, several people, and/or even with your SO; but no matter who you intend to share a home with an adjustment is sure to follow. In fact, not everyone was raised the same as you – and vice versa – which is something you’ll find yourself learning only after leaving home. However, with time and effort, you’ll begin to catch on – and learn a lot of new things by the people you surround yourself with.


6. It Will Teach You How To Be Grateful

Value may not have been something that you put too much thought into while living at home – but once you’re away you’ll find yourself noticing things in a whole new light. In other words, what you may have once seen as meaningless is suddenly meaningful. Everything that seemed so little and insignificant instantly becomes what you are thankful for the most and what you begin to miss/cherish.

10 Things That Only Leaving Home Can Teach You

7. It Will Teach You That Life Isn’t Fair All Of The Time

We all face hardship at times, but one thing that leaving home teaches you is that each struggle comes in waves. In other words, be prepared for anything – but don’t let the bad drown out the good. At some point, you have to come to terms with the fact that life isn’t always fair or easy, yet it’s still beautiful all the same. When you begin to embrace the mishaps, you’ll find that there’s a lot more good in store for the road ahead.

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8. It Will Teach You The Joy That Comes With Freedom.

Many of us have grown up hearing something along the lines of “My house, my rules.” to a point where it’s been ingrained into our heads. Despite the countless times throughout our youth where we thought we were right, one of the greatest things that leaving home can teach you is the joy of freedom. You’ll find that you get to have your own home, where you can make your own rules – and it’s exhilarating!


9. It Will Teach You How Big The World Really Is

The world is a whole lot bigger than it seems, but that oftentimes fails to sink in until we’ve left home. In doing so, you’ll begin to realize just how much time you’d like to spend traveling – while considering what places in particular that you’d like to visit. There are several locales to choose from – no matter whether you choose to travel out of state, or out of the country.

10 Things That Only Leaving Home Can Teach You

10. It Will Teach You About Your True Self

As you leave home – and are put into real-life situations – you’ll begin to see the depths of your true self. In fact, you never know how you are going to act in a particular circumstance until you are thrown into it; this is something that only leaving home will teach you – as you learn to fend for yourself – while becoming fully immersed in society.


Although the thought of leaving home may be out of your comfort zone, you’ll find that you won’t regret your decision in doing so. Instead, you’ll find yourself embracing independence, and we hope this list of 10 things that only leaving home can teach you helps you in doing so. Don’t forget to share, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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