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10 Things That Will Definitely Happen To You At UFL

10 Things That Will Definitely Happen To You At UFL

Of the many hilarious and common events that will most definitely happen to you while at UFL, there are ten that stand out among the rest.

ollege is a time for adventure, late-nights in the library (or the bar), life-long friendships, and laughing until you cry. While there are many wonderful universities, the University of Florida is bound to make your experience anything but boring and full of stomach-clenching instances of laughter and humor. Of the many hilarious and common events that will most definitely happen to you while at UFL, there are ten that stand out among the rest.

1. Chipotle becomes a must.

As poor college students, the goal is to find the best food for the cheapest price. UF’s midtown is about a hundred yards away from the legendary Library West, so Chipotle becomes a must, after long days in the library. Sure, eating dinner out is expensive, but Chipotle costs less than $7 if you order a veggie bowl, AND it comes with free guac! There’s always the dining hall food, but everyone knows that Broward Dining is only editable about 50% of the time, and Chipotle is always good.

2. You will go to class hungover at least once a week.

College is a balance between work and play. It can be difficult to choose whether to study, go to class, and be a good student or go to the Pike party. Why choose? It will definitely become a regular for you to go to class hungover at least one time each week. For “What is the Good Life,” showing up to that 9:30 a.m. discussion after going to a trash bash party or Grog will become your norm.


3. Library West will become your new favorite club.

Everyone loves a good night at Midtown, bar hopping from Social, to Swamp, to Grog, and Cantina (R.I.P), but the old 24/7 Library West will always be our favorite club on campus. What could be better than a night at Midtown? Well, the Starbucks banana bread and a latte, mocha, something, paired with your favorite desks and laptop plugs, will become the highlight of your nights at UF.

4. You will show up to a football game at half-time.

Tailgates at UF are the epitome of football life. Gather around your favorite frat houses or tents, and start drinking four hours before the game even begins! More often than not, people saunter into the stadium at half-time, not even realizing that they’ve been tailgating for about six hours. That’s how you know you’re doing it all right!

5. Sweating like a pig is an everyday thing.

You will 100%, hands down, sweat like a repulsive pig 9 days out of 10 at UF. Part of the fun is learning what colors your sweat is not visible through. But, look on the bright side, we can wear shorts in the Winter, AND we are in Florida…


6. You will mix up the letters of sororities and frats.

While Greek Life is extremely popular at UF, it is also very difficult to remember! With so many different letters that make up the frats and sororities, you will mix them up! Calling AEPI, AEPHI, and vice versa will happen, and that’s okay!

7. You will be pissed off that your Gen Ed class is difficult.

Whether it is Good Life, ENC1101, or another introductory course, these will be more difficult than you thought. Yes, it sucks some supposedly easy classes are actually a lot of work and very challenging, it is a bonding experience for other frustrated students. And, just think, one day you may laugh about that B in Freshman English (or maybe not!).

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8. Your walk to South West Rec or Student Rec will be your cardio for the day.

So many people do consistently go to the gym, but it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. For the majority, a walk to the legendary Southwest Rec is exercise enough! Or, if you’re a Student Rec fan, seeing the Moe’s Mexican Grill is just enough to change your mind. Of course, tacos > than exercise. Always.

9. You will say you’re on a diet, but after 5 tequila shots, Pizza by the Slice is a must.

The goal is to not gain a ton of weight during your college years. If you gain a few pounds, but can still fit in those tight-black jeans, all is good! Give that diet a go, but know that it will be spoiled by the one and only Pizza by the Slice! After a late, tequila-filled night at Midtown, 2 a.m. pizza is always a yes!

10. Late night talks in Turlington is where the truth comes out.

Staying up late and talking about your problems is a college staple. Having these intense conversations in Turlington is a must do! You never know what happens amidst the dark classrooms and even darker conversations.

Are there any other things that will definitely happen to you at UFL? Let us know down below!
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