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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At The University Of Florida

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At The University Of Florida

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At The University Of Florida

The University of Florida is a great place to be. No matter where you are on the campus there are opportunities to talk to new places finds somewhere new to study or just gain a new perspective on something in life. At any college, you’re going to find some interesting and unplanned things happen to you throughout the semester. Despite the large campus size as well as student population there a few things that happen to you at the University of Florida that you can definitely count on.

1. Running late and ending up on a crowded bus.

Either you got on the bus late and have to squeeze yourself behind the yellow line just to ride the bus or you were in the unfortunate predicament of getting on early but watching multiple people pile on to the bus and crowding you in. All you see are stops, time wasting, late making stops.

2.  Bus app lying to you.

Following along with a bus trend is the moment when you try to use the app and it lies. I can’t tell you the number of times the bus has been “five minutes away” and I was standing for triple that time. On the opposite end, there you’ll take your time because the bus says it’s ten minutes away and when you get there you sadly seeing it driving away without you.


3.  Stuck behind walkers. 

No, at every moment of the day I don’t need to race to my next destination but I do like to travel in a timely manner. The thing you will suffer from the most is walking in a huge crowd when classes get out and ending up stuck behind people on their phone or just walking at speed of a snail.

4. Running into people you didn’t want to see.

In a large campus, you may think that you can make up an excuse to not show and avoid everyone, right? Wrong! If you go anywhere near The Hub, Library West or the Reitz Union area you will see a familiar face.

5. Turlington

The traffic hub of campus. You’re either being yelled at by someone telling you how to live your life or pestered with flyers and handouts. If you must go through, keep your head down and headphones in your ears. Otherwise, avoid it and walk around.

6. Eat the same thing for days in a row.

It may be the same thing from Broward dining or going to the same place in Reitz food court, the chances of you repeatedly eating the same thing are huge. As humans, we’re creatures of habit and as college students, we’re creatures of easiness. If it tastes good and is in your path you’re bound to get it multiple times.


7. Almost getting hit by traffic.

There are a lot of streets to cross to get around the UF campus and while the speed limit may be posted at 20 there are only a select few that stay at the limit. So sadly, there will come a time or twenty when even in the crosswalk you’ll have a quick brush with death and almost get hit. Stay safe Gators and look both ways.

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8. Battle a Seminole and tell them off.

The Noles are our biggest rivals so there will always come a time when we’ll go head-to-head in some competition. Whether online or in person at a game you’re going to be in a battle of wits between these people. I use the word wits lightly because we all know who’s smarter.

9. Failing a test, you studied for.

UF is undoubtedly a tough school with a rigorous course load. Sadly, there comes a time when you study multiple hours and days for a test and take it then end up with a less than spectacular grade.

10. Eating snacks the entire day.

As a college student, not only are you almost always busy, but you usually find yourself on a strict budget. Due to your busy schedule and limited wallet, there will come a day when all you eat are snacks from home or the vending machine. Some days you’re not only busy with class but you have meetings and school work to do in the library so dinner may just be a pack of M&M’s and a cookie.


What are some other things that happen to you at the University of Florida on a daily basis? Comment below.
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