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15 Things That Happen During Recruitment Week At UCF

15 Things That Happen During Recruitment Week At UCF

Not sure what really goes on during recruitment week at UCF? Let me explain fifteen things that always happen during sorority recruitment.

Not sure what really goes on during recruitment week at UCF? Let me explain fifteen things that always happen during sorority recruitment.

1. Step, clap, step, clap, step, clap, STEP

It’s not as easy as it looks, people. Step clapping to the beat of the music, while smiling, while in five inch heels, all while being perfectly in sync with your sisters is no joke. And you will learn this as you practice, FOR HOURS. If you think I’m overestimating, I’m not. Some girls are natural step clappers, while others struggle a bit more. My advice to the strugglers would be to fake it ’til ya make it, baby.

2. Blisters…SO many blisters

No one understands the saying, “pain is beauty” more than a girl who has just gone through recruitment week. I love how my legs look in five inch heels just as much as the next girl, but damn do they hurt after a couple hours. Dr. Scholl’s ladies, Dr. Scholl’s.


3. You will learn that being hangry is a real emotion

Calories don’t count during recruitment week, and neither do the things that you say to your sisters when you’re hangry. Pass the pizza.

4. You will smile so much your face will literally hurt


There is nothing more intimidating for a freshman girl, than walking into a sorority house for the first time, while being stared at by 100 women. These girls are so nervous and the least we can do is smile at them to make them feel a little bit better. “Smile, ladies!” is something you will hear your recruitment chair say 100 times a day, but it really is important.

5. Makeup lessons (I’m not kidding)

If you got a dollar for every time you heard “recruitment ready” during rush week, you could probably buy a new Michael Kors purse. Recruitment ready means having your hair done, nails done and makeup done to a T. Don’t know how to contour? Not sure if your Bow N Arrow lipstick is too dark? No worries ladies, that’s what makeup lessons are for. May your contour skills be strong and the lighting be good.



6. Blowing up Instagram

Why do we have to be at the house an hour before the first party starts? They’ll tell you it’s because they close the roads, but it’s really for pictures. I mean, come on, we’re recruitment ready & wearing color coordinated outfits, it would be weird NOT to post a pic a day.

7. The most awkward conversations you can imagine

Older girls will give you as much advice as possible, but awkward conversations are bound to happen. You can have ten talking points in your head, but when you’re sitting in front of a girl who was forced to do this by her mom and will only give you one word answers, things can get rough. In this case, talk about yourself. Go on girl, lay it all out there.


8. Tears, lots of tears

If you’ve never been to a “pref ceremony,” let me warn you so you know what to expect. Pref night is the last night of recruitment week, and girls have narrowed it down to a maximum of three sorority houses. They will go to each one and be a part of a special ceremony, then have a one on one conversation with a girl they had a connection with earlier on in the week.  Senior sisters usually cry because it’s their last ceremony and the rest of the sisters cry because we will miss them. Okay, now the crocodile tears come from the girls attending the pref ceremony, usually because they are very torn on what sorority they want to run home to the next day. Waterproof mascara ladies, waterproof mascara.

9. You will most likely be sleeping on someone’s couch

Recruitment week starts one week before school starts. If you’re on the inside, then the week before that is spent practicing for recruitment week so you need to be moved in two weeks before school starts. Basically this is a problem for most apartments and all dorms. So, if you know someone who miraculously was able to move in early, become their best friend, grab a pillow and claim their couch like nobody’s business.


10. Petty arguments

“Jessica, you totally stepped on a potential new member, we could get fined for that.”

“Omg shut up Brittany, your step clapping has been off for 3 rounds!”

Enough said.

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11. Social media stalking, big time

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, VSCO, we’re not messing around. When you’re telling your best friend about an adorable girl you just rushed, you just HAVE to show them her social media so they can put a face to the name. I mean, duh.


12. Matching & color coordinated outfits, at all times

Be prepared to spend a good amount of money on clothes for recruitment week. Your dresses, jeans and shoes must match your sisters’ dresses, jeans and shoes, for the entire week. No worries, your recruitment team will tell you if your shade of blue is a little too light, so you won’t be left guessing by yourself.

13. Mental breakdowns due to exhaustion

My best piece of advice for mental breakdowns during recruitment week would be: have a cup of coffee (or seven), tell yourself you’re a boss ass b*tch who can handle anything (because you are), catch your tears before they fall and pull it together before the next party. You can do this, I have no doubts.



14. 3 ½ minute naps

Listen, there is no shame in this game. You will become a professional quick napper in between parties and no one will judge you for it. Hey, do you think I could put that on my resume?

15. Creating a bond with your sisters that you wouldn’t trade for the world

Okay, let me get emotional for a quick second. Being with your sisters every waking hour for two straight weeks, while trying to find amazing young women to become a part of your chapter, will create a bond that you won’t be able to understand, until you are a part of it. It is amazing, it is worth it and it is something you will cherish forever.

What’s your experience been with recruitment week at UCF?
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