8 Things That Are Too Real To Anyone With Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming more common among millennials as our lives become increasingly stressful and difficult. Here are 8 things you will definitely relate to if you have anxiety.

1. Being Afraid Of Something But Not Knowing What It Is

There are times when you know something is coming up that you feel uncomfortable about and you cannot shake the worry. Other times you can be sitting at home, watching TV without a care in the world, when suddenly you are afraid. You don’t know why or what is causing it, but you are scared and now all you can think of is how worried you are. Usually, that only makes you worry more.

2. Waking Up With The Feeling Something Is Going To Go Wrong

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have woken up in the morning with an overwhelming sense of dread. Sometimes that feeling is so strong that I don’t want to get up. When this happens, all you want is to stay where you are safe and avoid the world because you are sure something bad is going to happen. If the feeling won’t clear, it can very quickly result in you frantically checking up on everyone you know in case something has gone wrong.

8 Things That Are Too Real To Anyone With Anxiety

3. Thinking Everyone Who Laughs In Public Is Laughing At You

There is a difference between anxiety and insecurity and this is it. You know deep down that there is nothing wrong with you, but every time you walk past someone who is laughing you are convinced it is because of you. You start scanning the street looking for others who are watching you. You check your reflection in shop windows just in case you’ve grown a second head and haven’t noticed. Often, you will still be thinking about it hours later.

4. Finding Yourself Unable To Speak

This always happens at the worst time. Often with anxiety, you feel as if someone has stolen your voice like Ursula did to Ariel in The Little Mermaid. You know what you want to say but the words just won’t come out. Usually, it is when you need to talk to a colleague about work, or you are trying to make a phone call, or you have a customer waiting to be served. It is always inconvenient, and you can’t even explain yourself because you cannot form words.

8 Things That Are Too Real To Anyone With Anxiety

5. Having A Panic Attack At The Supermarket Because Too Much Is Going On

Supermarkets are one of the worst places for people with anxiety. They are loud, busy, and have no rules. They are a major cause of sensory overload. Between crowded aisles, people chattering, the music playing, the sheer amount of products on the shelves, being bumped by trolleys… it is not somewhere you want to be on a bad mental health day. At least you will be rewarded with food when you do go.

6. Having One Bad Thing Happen And Immediately Spiralling Out Of Control

In psychology terms, they call this “catastrophising”. It is the phenomenon where a person imagines the worst case scenario, no matter how ridiculous it is. This often happens when someone with anxiety has a bad moment for whatever reason. One negative thing happens and suddenly they are convinced everything is terrible and the world is ending. It is really difficult to stop that type of thinking.

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8 Things That Are Too Real To Anyone With Anxiety

7. Wanting To Slap Anyone When Says “It’s Normal To Be Nervous!”

Nervous and anxious may be synonyms, but they are not entirely the same. It is normal to be nervous in certain situations. Job interviews, first dates, starting a new job… all of these things will make you nervous. The problem with anxiety is that there is no rational explanation for the worry. It is simply there, creating a black hole in your life. It is totally unhelpful when someone tries to assure you that it is something everyone experiences when you know it is not.

8. Knowing That It Is A Part Of Who You Are

Ultimately, though, anxiety is a part of you and you know that, in many ways, it makes you who you are. You have also learned to see the positives. You are rarely late to appointments because you’re too anxious about getting into trouble. You keep a close eye on your health because you are anxious about becoming ill. Anxiety is horrible but if you make it into a part of you, it is easier to take back the control.

8 Things That Are Too Real To Anyone With Anxiety

Did these things sound familiar to you? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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