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10 Things That ACTUALLY Happen During Michigan State Sorority Rush

10 Things That ACTUALLY Happen During Michigan State Sorority Rush

10 Things That ACTUALLY Happen During Michigan State Sorority Rush

It’s a summer of lasts. Last Lollapalooza with your high school squad, last family Fourth of July barbecue that you will be able to (want to) attend, and the last house party with all of your friends still in the same state. As college approaches and you start to peek an interest in how students live their lives, you realize the Greek system could be a good fit for you. What better way to adapt to your new home than to make a million friends right off the bat? Despite what the movies depict, sorority rush is a marathon filled with highs and lows. Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons. Keep reading if you want to know what ACTUALLY happens during Michigan State Sorority Rush!

1. Stalking sorority Tumblrs.

Maybe you come across one or two recruitment videos leading up to recruitment; however, by the first day of rush you will be humming all the songs from the sorority Tumblr pages you’ve been stalking for three hours straight.



2. Meeting the girls in your dorm.

This is the first time your dorm has really been unified and everyone has had a chance to meet each other. I met the girls who became my best friends during the first recruitment meeting for my dorm. Meeting girls in your dorm who are also going through recruitment gives you a chance to help each other choose outfits, eat early breakfasts with, and split an Uber home with when it pours on Pref night.

3. Tending to your broken feet.

There’s absolutely no way around this. Heels and strappy sandals are staples for recruitment. Sure, you can bring flip flops (and I do recommend this to ease the pain) to walk from house to house in, but being on your feet for a whole week is going to hurt regardless. Keep your purse stuffed with band-aids and just try to smile through the blisters.



4. Actually talking about sisterhood and philanthropy.

Of course, the rumors are never-ending that sororities only party and take pictures. You will quickly notice, though, that the passion for sisterhood and philanthropy is very strong. Sororities are the real deal. Don’t join one for the parties. Go through recruitment with an open mind and actually ask about the sisterhood and philanthropies. The girls will be so excited to share with you the memories they have made with their sisters and the amazing fundraisers they have put on.

5. Gossiping on the lawns.

Despite Rho Gammas repeatedly asking girls not to talk about their specific houses with each other, everyone does it anyway. There will be endless gossip on the lawns and girls will bash the house that you love and you just have to tune it out. I tried my best to walk away when girls started bitching about certain houses. I didn’t want their opinions and rumors they were sharing to influence my decisions. Also, you never know if the Rho Gamma standing near you is in the house you are talking crap about. Just be RESPECTFUL.



6. Struggling to survive awkward conversations.

You’re not always going to click with everyone you come across. When meeting people from different families, states, and cultures, there’s bound to be some awkward conversations. Some people don’t know how to hold a conversation, while others are not really interested. It’s always important to be kind, keep smiling, and genuinely try to find something the two of you can talk about. If all else fails, talk about Chipotle (seriously, this saved me many times).

7. Being called back by houses you dropped.

Honestly, the system schools use for recruitment is so confusing. Basically, it is a mutual agreement. You pick your favorite houses every day and the sororities choose their favorite girls. With all these opinions, things don’t always work out the way you plan. Sometimes, you will get called back to a house that you dropped. While this is inconvenient, you should go back to the house with an open mind and a positive attitude. Give the house a second chance because you could talk to someone new who completely changes your mind. Now is your chance to ask some tougher questions, but please, be a good sport and actually engage in a conversation.

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8. Having you heart crushed when a house you love drops you.

Alright, here’s the deal. I went in to recruitment with my heart set on one house. I only knew one girl in it and thought I knew the house based on their exceptional influence on social media. When they dropped me the third day, I realized that I had been trying so hard to like them and I had actually been convincing myself to continue to put them on my list. Once they dropped me, I was finally able to focus on the other houses and I ended up exactly where I should be with girls just as crazy and weird as me. If you get dropped by a house, try to forget about it and focus on all the ones you have left.

9. Cringing during Pref Night ceremonies.

There isn’t much I can say to prepare you for the Pref Night ceremonies. Preference Night is the last night of rush and it is when you are deciding between your last two houses. You will spend the longest time of the whole week in the two houses on this night. There is usually a pretty intense ceremony that is super weird and sometimes creepy but hey, you get dessert and who doesn’t want cheesecake at the end of a crazy week? This night will truly show the sisterhood of the sorority so pay attention and really try to find things that stand out in each house.



10. Running home to your sisters on bid day!

Alas. The best part of rush. You made it through the treacherous week and all you have to do is get your bid card. At most universities, all the girls who went through recruitment gather in one area of campus with all the cheering sororities surrounding them. The bid cards are ripped open at the same time and everyone runs to the sorority on their bid card. This day is filled with so many emotions: relief, excitement, and pride. It will feel so good to be welcomed into your family away from home and know that you have a support group for the rest of college and life. Bid day is amazing. Prepare to go to bed with a ridiculous smile plastered to your face.

Good luck, girls. Your new sisters are lucky to have you.

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