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5 Things Sophomores Love About Thanksgiving Break

5 Things Sophomores Love About Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is an amazing time of year. From all the food to visiting all of our friends, here are 5 things we love about Thanksgiving break.

I LOVE Thanksgiving and the sense of togetherness this Holiday entails. As a freshman in college, we were so excited to come home to see our family members, cuddle with our pets, and be away from college for a little bit. But now as sophomores, Thanksgiving break priorities have changed.

1. We’re just here for the food tbh.

Meal swipes and points are never going to be enough for college students. At my school, we only are allotted 2 meals per day – I mean, WHAT?! So I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re really excited for home-cooked meals (especially Thanksgiving dinner), not to mention filling up Tupperware with leftovers to avoid campus food for the next two weeks, amirite?!


2. One word – sleep.

College students are basically sleep deprived, so we can finally turn off our alarm clocks and sleep in all day! That’s already exciting in itself, I mean seriously… sleep > everything else.

3. We don’t have to do… anything.

We’re excited to sit there and do nothing all day without feeling guilty the entire time. This is our second year in college. We’re really trying to stay on top of our studies which is why whenever we try to spend our days doing nothing, we always end up feeling like we should be studying and being productive at the moment. This is our time to really take a break, lay in bed, catch up and binge watch all of our favorites TV shows and have no regrets!


 4. We are already prepared for questions.

We’ve went through it last year, so we already practiced and trained ourselves on how to dodge questions at the Thanksgiving table. Such as: “How’s school going,” “How are your grades?” or “Are you dating anyone?” “Are you ready for the final exams?”

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No… The answer will always be no.

 5. And yeah… of course… being with our family and what not.

At this point, it feels like we’ve seen our parents and siblings just last week. It sucks that we don’t get to see our family often, but we’re definitely used to the distance. (So we’re a lot more accustomed to being on our own now and doing this whole college thing.) Don’t get me wrong, we love coming home and spending time with our families, especially for Thanksgiving, it’s just that the second time around, we already know the drill.

Why do you love Thanksgiving break? Let us know down below!
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