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10 Things to Remember When Using the CATA Bus System At Michigan State

10 Things to Remember When Using the CATA Bus System At Michigan State

These are just a few tips and reminders from all of us regular bus users. Here are 10 things to remember when using the CATA bus system at Michigan State.

Oh, college. Going to classes, getting together with friends who live on the opposite side of campus…it feels like it is so hard and takes so long to get from point A to point B. Lucky for us, there is the CATA bus system! These are just a few little tips and reminders from all of us regular bus users. Here are 10 things to remember when using the CATA bus system at Michigan State.

1. #1 thing to remember: The bus waits for NO ONE.

If you need to make the bus, you better be on time or be able to run for it. The bus drivers are on a very scheduled routine, at least that is what I’m told. After you miss your first class because of the bus, you will start getting to the bus stop an hour earlier.


2. Make sure your headphones aren’t too loud.

When waiting at the bus stop, if you are looking down at your phone listening to loud music, you will miss the bus when it comes. I understand wanting to drown everyone else out at the bus stop in order to have some time to yourself for once in your hectic college life, but remember the #1 rule: the bus waits for no one. It won’t come back for you either.

3. You can’t be afraid of germs.

Once the bus begins to move, it is not a smooth ride. The bus will jerk you back and forth, take sharp turns and throw you against all the people sitting down (a.k.a. the lucky people). The bus wants you to fall and embarrass yourself. Right after stepping onto the bus, immediately find a seat to sit in, or else just grab onto one of the poles. Yes, they are full of college student germs, but you cannot be afraid. Tip: carry hand sanitizer everywhere.


4. If you’re short, grab onto a standing pole.

Along with rule #3, push your way through to get to one of the standing poles. You will not be able to reach the handle straps hanging above you, do not try.


5. If you’re standing on the bus and see a lot of people coming on, move all the way back as far as you can.

When there are many people getting on the bus, you will have to pack yourselves in like sardines. Yes, it can be a gross and hot situation, but you do not have a choice. The voice on the bus will yell at you until you move back and everyone fits on the bus. Don’t be that person who doesn’t listen to the overhead voice.


6. Don’t get too caught up in using your phone while riding the bus.

This has probably happened to every college student that has experienced the CATA bus system. It has been a long day, school got to you that day, all you wanna do it jam out to your newly made playlist on Spotify: “College suckz.” Honestly, the best time to listen to music is after a long day. BUT, you shouldn’t get too caught up in your phone because of the off chance you miss your bus stop. If your music is so loud that you can’t hear the next stop be announced, and you’re looking down at your phone, you will be riding the CATA bus for a much longer time than anticipated.

7. Always double check which route you are supposed to be on.

If you get on the wrong bus, it will be the biggest waste of time, especially if you are running late to a class or meeting. The campus is huge, so taking the wrong route can really mess you up.



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8. Try to avoid riding the bus around 4 PM.

There are so many people! Everyone seems to be getting out of class at that time. The bus is so tightly packed that you are lucky to even get on!



9. You will see someone you know.

It is inevitable. Maybe it’s someone who is in your next class, or that one sorority sister that you aren’t sure if she knows you, so you don’t know whether to say hi or not. Maybe it’s even someone from your high school! Well, all you know is that it isn’t your BFF at the current moment, so what do you do? Don’t make eye contact, look out the window or down at your phone.



10. The bus is the best in the winter.

Once winter rolls around, the bus will be your best friend. It’s the greatest invention ever. Going to school on this huge campus where each of your classes are miles apart, the bus will get you to where you need to go while keeping you warm. But also remember, this is how the freshman fifteen becomes more noticeable.


What tips do you have for using the CATA bus system at Michigan State?
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