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10 Things Parents Say When You Leave For College

10 Things Parents Say When You Leave For College

Going away to college is such an exciting and fun time, but sometimes leaving your parents can be tough. Here's some things parents say when you leave.

You have taken every step possible to prepare for this moment when you are leaving home to find out exactly who you are and where you should be in life; whereas your parents are still coping with the reality that their baby is leaving. However, before they drive off, they will most likely leave you with a few gems of advice. So here are 10 things parents say when you leave for college. 

1. “We are proud of you.”

Moving out, going to college; these are all steps toward becoming an independent adult and after putting in so much work to get here, your parents will definitely be proud of you.


2. “Study hard.”

High school is over now and so are all the grades you received; college is your chance to start over and work harder than ever before to get the career of your dreams. I mean, there’s always going to be partying and binge watching Netflix, but this is kind of your parents way of saying “please don’t waste our money”.

3. “Eat healthy.”

The Freshman 15 is real, especially since most college dining halls have available access to unlimited amounts of ice cream and fries. Now that you are the one making your own meal decisions, it is your job to make the right ones to stay healthy.


4. “Don’t walk anywhere alone at night.”

You most likely heard this at orientation as well, but this rule is a really good one to follow. Most universities also have things in place to keep people from being alone at night on campus.  

5. “Call often.”

Just as this is an adjustment for you, this is also going to be hard for them. They are most likely full of more helpful advice if you call.


6. “Clean up after yourself (including your laundry).”

Your parents have to love you, but I can guarantee your roommate(s) won’t if you trash the place.

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7. “Be smart with your money.”

I guess this means no Starbucks every morning and no Chipotle for dinner every night.

8. “Be yourself.”

At a time when you will be making friends that you will have for the rest of your life and paving the way to your future, it is so important that you stay true to yourself because there will be people in college that try to get you to change who you are.  

9. “Be safe.”

Make good decisions and don’t get yourself into anything you aren’t comfortable with.


10. “We love you.”

Your parents may have to let you go now, but they will always love and care about you.

These are 10 things parents say when you leave for college. Share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below!
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