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40 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows

A best friend is someone who will be there through thick and thin, as long as you both shall live. And that’s basically because you know all the dirty, scandalous, secretive details about them that no one else does. So you’re stuck together for life.

1. She knows how many guys you’ve slept with.

Even if you lie about it to everyone else.

2. They know your favorite type of every single junk food and candy there is out there.

That’s mainly because they’re right there with you pigging out on the couch.

3. She knows your drink order to a T.

Your best friend will be the person who knows exactly what type of drink you order from each bar you go to. She’s got you covered.

4. She knows exactly how many shots it takes you to get wasted.

And she’ll 110% be right there with you throwing them back. Or she’ll be the one holding your hair back when you’re hungover AF the next day.

5. She knows your dirty little secrets.

She knows every dirty little secret there is to know about you. And only she knows, which is what makes it so special.

6. What your farts smell like.

Only true best friends know what your farts smell like, to a T.

7. The password to your phone.

She’s probably texted your BF back on your phone more than you have.

8. The password to basically everything else you own.

Laptop password? Check. Apartment building code? Check. Netflix password? Check.

9. She knows all of your biggest fears.

She knows how terrified you are of spiders, snakes, and clowns.

10. She knows your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

But, she chooses to only see the strength you have.

11. She knows which side is your “good side” for taking mirror selfies.

And she’d never try and take your good side from you. She knows her place.

12. She knows how to push your buttons.

She knows how to push every one of your buttons. But, she does it with love.

13. How to make you laugh until you pee your pants.

Peeing your pants is a common occurrence when you’re together.

14. She knows just what to say to make things right again.

She knows how to give words of wisdom. She’ll be the first person to let you know how lame the boy you’re dating is.

15. She knows how weird you are.

That’s why she’s your best friend, because she’s just as big of a weirdo as you.

16. She knows by now to always say yes to your crazy, spontaneous adventures.

She knows when you come up with a ridiculous plan, the answer is always yes.

17. She knows how terrible you are at driving.

She might even question how in the world you got your driver’s license to begin with. Yet she still gets in the car with you every time.

18. She knows when something is wrong.

Your best friend will always know when something is up. You can’t hide anything from her.

19. She knows when you’re lying.

She can read through that sh*t like a book. She knows you way too well.

20. She knows what you look like with absolutely zero makeup on and dressed in men’s clothing from head to toe.

She’s seen you at your absolute worst but still thinks of you as a total babe.

21. She knows all of your guilty pleasures.

She knows how you obsess over junk reality TV and eating an entire gallon of Ben and Jerrys in one sitting.

22. She knows how you take your coffee.

She’ll probably have it waiting in the cupholder when she picks you up, too.

23. She knows every unthinkable detail of every regrettable hookup you’ve been apart of.

Even the ones that you tried erasing from your memory only about eighty times now.

24. She knows the list of people you hate but stalk on Facebook on the reg.

Because she hates the same people you do, obvi.

25. She knows what you look like first thing in the morning.

And she still thinks you’re a supermodel.

26. She knows when you’re tipsy.

Only your very best friend knows the moment the alcohol starts to hit.

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27. She knows your parents.

And she loves them as if they were her own.

28. She knows your favorite songs.

She knows how to be the best passenger seat DJ.

29. She knows what size shoe you are.

That’s because she raids your closet on a daily basis.

30. She knows exactly what you’re going to order at a restaurant.

But, I mean… would she really be your best friend if she didn’t?

31. She knows what the last thing you searched was in your Google history.

She knows all.

32. She knows what time you go to sleep and wake up at.

Because she calls you simultaneously in between slumber.

34. She knows your exact go-to dance moves on the dance floor.

She’ll be right there next to you dancing the night away.

35. She knows your weird, sexual fetishes.

And you know hers too, so it’s cool.

36. She knows how to calm you down.

Only your best friend knows just what to say to calm you down.

37. She knows how to convince you to do just about anything.

Even the stupid and irresponsible things.

38. She knows how your mind works.

Because she’s your other half.

39. She knows what you look like naked.

Because casual nudity is a totally normal thing for you two.

40. She knows how to love you unconditionally for who you are.

And you wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

Do any of these apply to you and your best friend? If so, be thankful that you have the greatest bestie there is out there and never let her go!

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Andrea Davis

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