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20 Things Not To Do During Sex

20 Things Not To Do During Sex

20 Things Not To Do During Sex

Everyone knows there are just some things you do not want to accidentally do during sex. What are they exactly though? No one wants to be the person to make those mistakes! Keep reading for twenty things not to do during sex!

1. Don’t talk about your mom.

Everyone loves a momma’s boy, but there is time to show that off, guys. During sex is just not the time.

2. Don’t talk about your girlfriend’s mom.

Don’t have a Stacey’s mom moment during sex. It’s not attractive and you definitely will not be getting any that night.


3. Don’t moan another person’s name.

That’s just wrong. If someone else is on your mind, don’t sleep with another person.

4. Never pick up your phone and start texting or answer a call.

Honestly, if your phone is more important than the person you are sleeping with, it is time to reevaluate your relationship.


5. Don’t change positions every five seconds.

Neither of you are going to get to enjoy it if you are constantly trying new things. You have to find the perfect mix.

6. But, don’t stay in the same position the whole time.

Who knew sex was so complicated! Try staying in the same position for a couple minutes and then switch it up.

7. No farting!

Try your best not to…it can be a turn off. But sometimes it is just unavoidable. If it does happen, don’t blame the other person, just own up to it.

8. Girls, take off your rings.

Girls take off all those pretty rings when you go to give a hand job. That guy will not be coming back for more if you don’t. He will have scratches and marks all over his penis and no guy wants that. He might also tell his friends and then you won’t be getting any either. So, just take the time to take them off.

9. No comparing each other to people you have been with in the past.

That is just rude. You will leave the other person feeling like crap and questioning themselves or everyone they have been with. No one wants to feel like they aren’t good enough.

10. Don’t be silent.

See number eleven..

11. Your partner wants to know you like it.

It will just get awkward if only one of you is making noise.

12. Make sure there is kissing.

Kissing is good for you and fun! Don’t forget about it in the midst of everything.


13. Slow down and don’t rush foreplay.

Foreplay is underrated and fun, but also very important, ladies! Without foreplay you just might not be wet enough. If a condom and/or lube are not involved you could get a tear. Then no sex for a week, so don’t forget foreplay.

14. Never ever put it in the butt without asking.

I am sure every girl has experienced that moment when the guy misses or slips and it starts to happen. It hurts a lot! So guys, don’t do it, it’s one of the major things not to do during sex. But if you do, don’t forget lube.

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15. If you have not caught on, lube is your best friend.

Yes, it is kind of slimy but it will save you in so many situations and it comes in a bunch of flavors. Strawberry is the best.


16. Do not leave your partner high and dry.

If you finish first, somehow get your partner to also. Or don’t be a tease and then leave them, because that’s just plain mean.

17. No crying.

No matter how good the sex is, don’t cry. It is a turn off and will creep out the person you are with.


18. Don’t stare into their eyes while doing it.

Guys, this will also creep out your partner. Some eye contact is good, but not the whole time.

19. No “I love you” during or immediately after the sex.

You are just blinded by how good it was. If you don’t actually mean it, then don’t say it. You are not married and have not been together for years. So chill and wait until the sex buzz wears off.

20. Do not ask them to be your girlfriend/boyfriend during or after either.

Yes, the sex was good. But asking right away is just too much. It could drive the person away, or even creep them out.


What are other things not to do during sex? Do you have any more “don’ts” to add to the list? Leave a comment below and share the article!
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