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What NOT To Do In An Interview

What NOT To Do In An Interview


Interviews are tough to say the least. (Mostly because you never know what to expect.) However, there are certain tips you can follow to ensure your interview success in every situation. Whether you are being interviewed for an internship, job, or college, read on for what NOT to do in an interview under any circumstances.

DO NOT avoid eye contact.

In our culture, the way that we show that we are listening to someone is to nod and maintain eye contact. By frequently looking away you are showing the speaker that you have better things to focus on. Keep your chin level up. It’s okay to look away from the person from time to time, but the majority of the conversation shouldn’t be spent looking at the floor or at an ad on the wall.

DO NOT hunch your shoulders.

Posture is definitely a key sign of confidence. And when you’re trying to convince someone that you’re a well-rounded person, shouldn’t confidence be a factor as well? Sitting up straight also helps you breathe better.


DO NOT talk over the other person while they are speaking.

This has to be one of the rudest thing to do to someone during a conversation. It displays poor communication skills, and a general lack of consideration. Even if what the person is saying doesn’t seem so interesting, that still isn’t a reason to interrupt them.

DO NOT eat food or chew gum obnoxiously.

If the interview is taking place at a coffee shop, it is acceptable to drink a cup of coffee or eat a pastry. But be aware of table manners. Don’t slurp anything. Don’t chew gum like a cow and blow bubbles like you’re in the fifth grade. The way that you present yourself, even in these seemingly irrelevant ways, is really important.

DO NOT lie.

It’s really difficult to trust someone once they’ve lied. Even if you’re lying about a small thing, administrators can usually see right through that. Maybe your grades in high school weren’t the best. Maybe you didn’t volunteer as much as you would have liked to. By being honest, you show up front that you’re not perfect, and that’s okay. No one is.

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DO NOT use your phone.

For the love of this world, please DO NOT even glance at your phone during an interview. Better yet, turn it off, and put it away. If a professional’s first impression of you is that you can’t stop texting, using social media, etc., for a short amount of time, I can tell you that the impression isn’t going to be a positive one.

DO NOT curse.

I don’t care if the interviewer reminds you of your dad or grandma or best friend from Texas. That individual is an adult. And in a professional atmosphere, you have no place to curse or treat them casually. It should come as no surprise that you need to be on your best behavior during the interview. Watch your words!

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