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20 Things NOT Allowed In App State Dorms (And What to Bring Instead!)

20 Things NOT Allowed In App State Dorms (And What to Bring Instead!)

20 Things NOT Allowed In App State Dorms (And What to Bring Instead!)

I remember bringing way too many things for my dorm at Appalachian State University my Freshman year. These are 20 things that are not allowed in App state dorms. Keep reading to find out what you can bring instead!

1. Power adapters and Extension Cords

Instead: You are allowed to bring a UL approved electrical strip with a circuit breaker. If you do, there can be no more than 6 outlets in the electrical strip.



2. Nails and Screws

Technically, you aren’t allowed to bring command strips either. If you are confident that you can remove the strip without much damage, these are the perfect alternative.

3. Air Conditioners

As hot as it may get in the dorms without air conditioning, you are not allowed to bring your own.

Instead: It will probably only be hot for a short period of time. If you can’t wait for it to cool down though, invest in a box fan or standing fan for your room.


4. Weapons

This is pretty self-explanatory. Weapons of any kind are not allowed on campus, including replicas. However, tools used for food preparation and razors for shaving are the exception to that rule.


5. Coffee Pots

While you may love coffee, App State doesn’t allow coffee pots. Rather than having lugging around pots, you can have a Keurig in your dorm!



6. Water Balloon Launcher

Leave your water balloon launchers at home, they’re not allowed in App State’s dorms. I’m not quite sure what your alternative to this may be…



7. Candles and Incense

As nice as they are, leave open flame candles and incense at home.

Instead: Bring your favorite scent of Febreeze or an inexpensive reed diffuser. Make sure your roommate is alright with the scent, too.



8. Electric Blankets

App State gets really cold, brutally cold, but due to a possible fire hazard, electric blankets make the list.


Instead: I suggest you get your roommate to wrap you like a burrito at night in plush blankets, it has the same effect.


9. Personal Mattresses

I know there’s nothing better than your own bed at home, but App State doesn’t allow you to bring it to campus.


Instead: You can make that rock hard mattresses a little softer with foam bed toppers.

10. Personal Heaters

Much like electric blankets, personal heaters should be left at home.

Instead: For cold winter nights, I suggest finding a warm pajama set.



11. Multi-Bulb Lamps with Plastic Shades

These lights are not allowed.

Instead: You can substitute this lamp for a functional desk lamp or lamp for your nightstand.



12. Washing Machines

Most App State dorms are nowhere near large enough for your personal washing machine. Each dorm has their own laundry facilities, so all you need to supply is the laundry detergent and fabric softener.


13. Open Coil Appliances- Electric Grills, Hot Plates and Toasters

Each kitchen comes with these appliances in some form, so personal toasters and grills are not necessary or allowed.

14. Wireless Routers

Although you may be impatient with the slow school WiFi during exam week, App State doesn’t allow you to bring your own router. Instead bring a Ethernet cable to plug in. Most of the time the Ethernet cable is way faster than the wireless connection anyway.

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15. Combustible Decorations

These are decorations that contain leaves, twigs and hay. If you still want to have the feel of nature in your room without the fire hazard, learn to love plastic plants. Think of all the time you’ll save without having to water them.



16. Appliances exceeding 1200 Watts or 10 Amps

Before buying a top of the line mini fridge or microwave, make sure it does not exceed the required wattage.

17. Pets

App State sadly doesn’t allow pets in the dorms, unless they fit this description: “biologically classified as osteichthyes are maintained in a fish tank of ten gallons or less.” All that just to say you can bring your pet fish, Goldie. While you can have a few fish, don’t start your own aquarium, though!



18. Mopeds

Why anyone would bring one into their dorms, I have no idea.  While they’re fun to zip around on, I think you can get down the hallway or to class just fine on your own.


19. Cinder Blocks

Sorry guys, you can’t bring your decorative cinder block, even if it’s a family heirloom to college with you.

Instead: If you were going to use it for a doorstop, you can always purchase an inexpensive plastic door stop online.

20. Power Tools

Finally, for all purposes in the dorm, you can get by without power tools.


Instead: If you do need to fix something, you’ll probably only need a screwdriver, a hammer, or a simple wrench.


Have any other suggestions for what you should or shouldn’t bring to App State? Leave a comment below and if any of these tips helped you, share the article!
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