6 Things Nobody Tells You About Your First Apartment

Let’s just say that living in the dorms was…an experience. Gone are the days of communal bathrooms and teeny shared bedrooms with strange randos and annoying RA rules. Throw out your shower caddy and your Twin XL sheets, and get ready for off-campus life in your first apartment. You’re finally #adulting. Don’t fuck it up. Keep reading for 6 things nobody tells you about your first apartment!

1. Make sure you choose your roomies wisely.

You can’t pick your family, but you can and must pick your roommates. You’re going to see wayyy too much of them. You’re going to share a kitchen and bathroom with these people so let’s hope they don’t have bad habits or even worse, clashing personalities. Choose wisely. Very wisely. The wisest. Honestly, this is the most important decision of your life. Think it through. Talk it out. Call your mom. Cross your fingers. Pray.

2. Location is everything!

Your first apartment may be more spacious than your college dorm but not the most luxurious. The walk to class is a great workout, and parties are much closer than an uber ride away.



3. You’re going to have to make sacrifices when looking for your first apartment.

There are plenty of first apartments with most everything you need at your price-point. Don’t give up the important things too quickly, like a living room, just because you like the rest of apartment. You might regret it when you want to invite friends over and they have to sit on your unmade bed.

4. The cheapest way to furnish your first apartment is to look for free stuff first!

Cheapest way to furnish your first apartment? The free way! Have your mom email her neighbors, chances are they’ve got old furniture they’re willing to give away. Contact the people who live in your soon-to-be-new place and see if they’re leaving anything behind. Then hit up IKEA.



5. The proper lighting will transform your first apartment.

Get lit, with lights. Two words: Christmas. Lights. No need to be personally victimized by fluorescent overhead dorm lights anymore. Celebrate your RA-free lifestyle by decking the halls and making your place look like Disneyland. Just watch your electric bill. (which is way easier to set up than you think!)

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6. Decorate, it’s your place!

Tapestries, posters, LIGHTS, you name it. It’s your first apartment, make it yours. You’re gonna have to spend some time there, you might as well like it. Make sure you coordinate with your roomies first.

Doesn't this look like a great first apartment?!


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Here's what no one tells you about your first apartment!
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