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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At University of Arkansas

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At University of Arkansas

Welcome to UARK, future freshmen Razorbacks! Keep reading to figure out the 20 things you might not know about freshman year at University of Arkansas.

You made it! The best 4 years of your life are ahead of you. Or at least that’s what everybody says. Even though you’re at the bottom of the food chain again, nothing beats being a Freshman. Experiencing your home for the next 4 years means making new friends, and figuring out your place in the “real world”. Keep reading to figure out the 20 things you might not know about Freshman Year at University of Arkansas.

1. You will see the same people over and over again.

i.e. The people you absolutely DON’T want to see, like that one frat guy you hooked up with at a party or that annoying girl in your class that always asks for your notes.

2. You will meet your “people”.

High school means being friends with people out of convince, but college is when you really meet the people that understand you better than anyone else on the planet.


3. You will learn what it means to smell like Brough.

I’m serious. It’s a freshman rite of passage.

4. You will trip and fall.

Everywhere. All of the time. And learn how to brush it off like it’s not a direct representation of how your life is going. For some reason the campus doesn’t have any actual flat walkways.

5. You will walk in/be walked in on in the most awkward situations.

Yep, my roommate brought her guy friends into our room the exact moment I decided to change. Dorms are the best.


6. Pat Walker Health Center might possibly be the worst place to go if you are sick.

Apparently I have had mono three different times with none of the symptoms, imagine that!! It’s kind of ironic that the place that’s supposed to help you the most when you’re sick is the place that leaves you the most confused.

7. It’s only a matter of time before you do get sick.

Trying to escape it is like trying to escape the plague.

8. If you have Resident Reserve parking, get ready to drive you and your friends EVERYWHERE.

Because walking to the armpit is equivalent to walking through the valley of the shadow of death.


9. Frat parties *can* be awkward if you don’t know anyone there.

Make a point of getting to know guys in frats, it makes you look & feel like you’re supposed to be there, plus you get first dibs on pledge drivers!


10. Eating alone is totally okay!

It’s not like high school where only the people that don’t have any friends eat alone. Sometimes you just don’t have the same schedule as your friends, and it’s kind of refreshing to be by yourself for a little bit.


11. Sorority Bid Day will have more people in attendance than the Presidential Inauguration.

It’s amazing and wonderful but also you wonder how that many people can conceivably fit into the Greek Theater.

12. Most boys don’t want a relationship during freshman year (or maybe even sophomore year).

I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you were set on finally getting a boyfriend when you first got to college. But use this to your advantage, find your girl gang and create amazing memories without them!

13. You have to be flexible if you aren’t already.

College is about going with the flow. Your best memories might also come from your most spontaneous decisions, so make sure to keep an open mind!


14. It’s okay not to go out every opportunity you have.

Sometimes you really just want to stay in bed eating Easy Mac and watching your favorite movie, and that is completely okay. Honestly, there will always be another party and it will probably be the same as all of the other ones.

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15. The fire alarm WILL go off at 3am.

And you will want to kill whoever burned their Eggo Waffles becuase you stupidly decided not to wear pants to bed that night.


16. You will figure out what you are actually good at.

Sometimes Organic Chemistry sounds like something you would enjoy until you fail every single test and realize that Interior Design is more your thing. That’s the point of college, you figure out who you are! If you didn’t change your major at least once, did you even go to college??

17. Brunch on the weekend means waiting for 45 minutes for a table at the good places.

Arsaga’s is great until you die from starvation waiting to actually sit down.

18. The coupon book you get at Orientation will change your life.

You can get free queso at Tacos 4 Life, a free ice cream cone at Andy’s and some amazing deals on pizza delivery.  I’m telling you, you’ll want one when you start suffering from the “broke college student” dilemma.



19. It’s okay to be homesick.

Sometimes things can even be going great and you just really miss your mom and your dog.

20. No one has their life together.

I promise. And if you feel like you’re falling apart, chances are a ton of other people feel that way too. It’s a totally new experience and no one has it figured out yet either!


Freshman year is one of the best experiences you’ll have in your life. Okay maybe not for everyone, but for most people it’s when you start to figure out who you really are! It’s something that you have to experience for yourself to realize just how much it impacts your own life, but that’s also the beauty of it! Take it in, make dumb decisions because this is really the only time you will be able to do that before they start to have greater consequences. Live it up, things will never be this amazing, confusing and beautiful all at once!

What are some things you learned your freshman year at University of Arkansas? Share in the comments below!
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