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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At The University Of Maryland

What is your new home like?  What happens if you fail a class?  What do you do at 2 AM when your roommate hasn’t showered in 4 days and left music blasting?  Here are 20 things nobody tells you about your freshman year at The University of Maryland.

1.  Stir fry in the South Campus Diner

Sick of eating the same meal at your local diner?  Are you interested in consuming a lot of carbohydrates?  Grab some friends (or not, that’s fine too) and head to the South Campus Diner.  In the back right corner of the building is Seasons 12, a stir-fry bar.

2.  The thrill of summiting a building on campus

Ever look at the math building and wonder if anyone has stood on its roof?  Can you imagine the view of the mall from the top of Tydings or Key?  Wonder no more: students can and will reach the peak of these buildings on cool nights.

3.  Free meditation at the health center

That building across from stamp that you see almost daily?  Yeah, that is the University health center.  You can meditate there.  For free.  You won’t regret it.

4.  More “free” stuff: Terpware

Free stuff speaks for itself.  Especially when said “stuff” includes the newest versions of Office, Windows, and Adobe Creative Cloud apps.  Check out Terpware to save loads of money.

5.  Where the cool kids hang: TerpZone

Before you get a feel for the whole campus, it might appear as if there is nowhere to hang out with friends. TerpZone alleviates your fears with bowling, billiards, 120 inch televisions, and more.  Grab some friends and check it out!


6.  Route 1 dining: a refreshing taste

Once you get sick of diner food, you will look elsewhere for your daily food needs.  Look no further than Cornerstone, the sports bar that your upperclassmen friends probably hit up on a weekly basis.  Even though you can’t get in for drinks, make sure to pop in during the day for some unreal wings.

7.  Geek Squad on Campus: Terrapin Tech

You are in desperate need of a new computer, but you’re also desperate for money.  You refuse to pay $69 for an Uber to the nearest Apple Store, so you go to Terrpain Tech instead!  Located on the first floor of McKeldin Library, this store fills all of your technology needs.

8.  The electrifying crowd at Xfinity center

Don’t assume that student tickets aren’t valuable just because of their price.  Tickets are free, but memories of watching Melo set career highs are priceless.  Make going to games a priority, and be sure to act like the freshman that you are.

9.  Finding your squad with a few simple clicks 

People tell you that college will be the best four (or more) years of your life, but they don’t tell you that your first few weeks might be tough.  It can be difficult to adapt to a new environment and find new friends.  Alleviate this pain by joining a club!  Don’t be afraid to hop on OrgSync and find clubs that you might be interested in.  Squad up!

10.  Internship scams and pyramid schemes

The world can be a scary place with bad people.  At some point, somebody will likely try to hoax you into something that seems like a quality internship but is actually a pyramid scheme.  Make sure to do your research on any company you consider working and/or interning for.

11.  Freshman Forgiveness

Do not fret if you fail a class during your first semester and have to retake it.  According to the Freshman Forgiveness Policy, your cumulative GPA will only include the higher grade if the class was taken during your first semester.

12.  Echoes at Montgomery Hall

If you’re ever bored and looking for a fun place to walk to, head over to Montgomery Hall.  Get on top  of the small pillar and face the building.  Let out a yell and be amazed at the echo effect.  Unreal.

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13.  The Nextbus system

Worried about getting across campus in time?  Download the Nextbus app – it tells you what buses are near you to take you where you need to go.  It even tells you how far away your desired bus is, removing the need for waiting at a bus stop.

14.  Sexiling woes

Your parents probably told you many things that they struggled with during college.  One thing they will never discuss is dorm sex.  Asking your roommate to leave the room so that you can have “alone time” with someone is probably just as awkward as you think it is – especially when your roomie comes back and knows what went down.

15.  Maryland slang

If you’re not from Maryland, you will probably think that some of your fellow Terps have invented a new language.  Fear not, for this is just DMV slang.  Don’t be surprised when you invite your homies out and they reply with “bet”.  If one of your friends gets “siced,” he/she is simply communicating his/her current hype.  Your friend referring to you as “moe” is not insulting you.  Get hip.

16.  RecWell adventures

How would you like to spend your spring break exploring the Appalachian Trial?  Would you be interested in meeting other Terps while cross-country skiing?  RecWell has you covered.  RecWell is a great resource that can get you moving and get you acquainted with fellow Terps.

17.  Room swaps

Random room assignment is one of the many struggles of freshman year.  Commonly cited frustrations include loss of sleep, missing snacks, and much yelling.  If your roommate is a jerk and you want out, you can get out.  Look out for a ResLife email about room reassignments.

18.  You have new independence.

With a new environment comes new opportunities; don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!  The cliche is true: you can meet so many amazing people in college, you just have to put in the effort.  Don’t let yourself graduate and wonder what would have been different if you met more people.

19.  The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance

The Garden is a great place to gather your thoughts and have some alone time.  Whatever your motivation, don’t be shy about going there to just sit and think (also it is beautiful, you have to see it).

20.  It isn’t weird to participate in student traditions

Just because you’re a freshman doesn’t mean your not an official Terp.  Make yourself feel at home – rub Testudo’s nose, jump in the McKeldin fountain, and donate to Testudo before exams.  Welcome to Maryland!

Are you excited for freshman year at the University of Maryland? Comment below!
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