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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Marist College

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Marist College

Marist College is one of the best colleges in New York! If you go to Marist College you will need to know these essential freshman year tips for college.

Welcome to Marist College! As a new red fox, there are some things you should know before you take your first steps on campus!

1. Welcome Week is weird.

Don’t worry, everyone is uncomfortable and everyone thinks it’s awkward. Most of the activities are geeky but try to step out of your comfort zone and talk to new people!

2. You do not need every piece of clothing you own.

Freshman year I lucked out and got dormed in Midrise but not everyone has that space. Bring the things you need. Your mom can always ship you stuff later.


3. Bring a Brita.

Not only is it so much better for the environment but it’s so much cheaper.

4. Security guards are not your friends.

Yes they are there to protect you and keep you safe. Don’t think they’ll look the other way when it comes to a night out; they check bags.

5. You need a Fake I.D.

Marist College is a bar school so without one, don’t expect to have much of a night life.


6. Certain days mean certain bars.

Thursday is River Station, Friday is Darby O’Gills, Saturday is Union.

7. Lyft/Uber is your BFF.

Marist College is located on Route 9 so make sure you ask for a ton of gift cards for your birthday or Christmas.

8. Don’t have high expectations when it comes to the dining hall.

Let’s be honest, you never hear any one say the dining hall was amazing. But seriously, keep some snacks in your room.


9. Speaking of the dining hall – PLAN.

Since there is one dining hall, it is key to plan when you’re going to eat based off the class schedule. Everyone wants a burger at the same damn time.

10.  Roommates are a hit or miss.

Marist is one of those odd-ball schools where they assign you your roommate freshman year. Of course you can always switch if something were to happen but just remember it’s okay not to be BFF’s right from the start.

11. Registration is madness.

When I say madness, I mean Disney World on the first day of summer break. Everyone is out for blood. Be sure to have some backups when you plan for Spring semester.


12. Jet is life.

Jet is an online grocery store that ships the next day! A must when you need some more popcorn.

13. The gym isn’t horrible.

Definitely bring some gym clothes because even though Marist is a D1 school, the gym is a perfect de-stressor for everyone.

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14. Use the study rooms.

The library let’s 3+ people rent out study rooms (free of charge)! Totally a must for group projects!

15. Buy those fricken books.

Either buy or rent from either B&N or Amazon. A lot of the professors will expect you to do the reading on your own.

16. You might not find your best friends.

As sad as that is, it takes time to make actual relationships with people. Freshman year is mostly about adjusting to this new atmosphere.


17. A lot of people will drop out.

It sucks when you think you found the perfect friend and they transfer next semester. But it happens.

18. Going out is expensive.

$3 cab ride, $5 to get in to any bar, $4 drink, $3 cab ride back – it adds up!

19. Dust is everywhere.

Totally invest in a lint roller because the dust seems to accumulate faster than you can get rid of it. It never goes away.


20. You’re going to miss school when you go home for break.

All semester you’ll be counting down the days until you can snuggle up in you’re real bed with you’re dog and go to you’re favorite restaurants for dinner. But here’s the catch. After about two weeks, you’ll miss the over priced drinks and the crappy food and you’re family at Marist College!

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