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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Loyola University Maryland

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Loyola University Maryland

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Loyola University Maryland

So, you`re entering your first year at Loyola University Maryland and you recap every inch of information researched from the classical college databases and even the school website. But, there is still so much you don’t know. Here are some you wont find during your research on freshman year at Loyola University Maryland!

1. The torture of Welcome “Weekend.”

Weekend is in quotes for the pure fact that the rush to seminars and meetings literally lasts a whole week. There is no time to actually get acquainted to your new surrounding since the schedule provided to freshman leave no time for that. This is the school’s way of “making the transition easier”, or so they thought.

2. Enter Humanities at your own risk.

Every freshman hears about the myth of humanities and how no one every makes it out alive (kidding) but what no one tells you is the buddy system is the way to go. What makes the experience of entering Humanities so intimidating is that being alone in a maze never ends well.


3. The “ideal meal.”

For someone who likes to eat, knowing what the “ideal meal” is is extremely helpful. One entree, two sides, a drink, and dessert. That’s it. Basically a Happy Meal without the toy (if only). For those who don’t eat a lot, this tends to be perfect; however, if you always have a craving for more, plan for a snack before and after meals.

4. Meal points.

Meal points is something that has been continuously explained and continuously forgotten. Don’t be that girl who pays for her own Starbucks the first two months of school only to realize that Starbucks is a part of points—@ me, I dare you. Beware: do not use all them up before the semester ends or you will have to face the facts that your bank account will pay the price.

5. Messina

I`m still not sure if I can explain what Messina is. All I know is that this school is the only school to have such a program that makes you take Intro to Chemistry as a Communications major. Yup, that didn’t turn out so well. The idea of it is to have a group of kids that you spend two semesters with in class. But, making me take a science class is an automatic no.



6. Timing is everything in Boulder.

11:30 great. 11:45 good. 12:00 its like The Hunger Games, good luck.

7. Finding a seat in Boulder.

Boulder is a great place to sit down and socialize – possibly get some work done if you’re in luck. But when twelve o’clock strikes, all vacant seats seem to disappear. Three levels of seating become a chase to find that one chair—the golden chair—to finally sit and relax before class.


8. Starbucks will be a necessity.

The amount of Starbucks one will consume is unfathomable. Is it necessary? No. Is the line short? I’m there. During the rare occurrence that there isn’t a line, you must take advantage of the opportunity—even if you don’t want to. It’s just to tell people that you didn’t have to wait on the line for it (and feeling like the coolest person for not wasting your time on a petty line for overpriced coffee).

9. While missing Dunkin.

For those Dunkin lovers, I`m sad to say that an Uber will be taking you to your next latté. There are some die hard fans of Dunkin who have turned over to the Starbucks dark-side? for the need of caffeine but their loyalties lie where the donuts are.

10. Get ready for expensive weekends.

Now, if you’re a girl, you don’t need to worry too much. Uber rides to local bars are as far as your credit cards will go. Buying your own drinks at the bar are a rare occurrence, that’s what guys are for. And for the guys, start saving your money ASAP. You never know where that $10 beer for that lucky girl in psychology class will get you.


11. Dogs everywhere.

No matter how many dogs you see walking around campus, you will get excited about it every single time. Guaranteed. There is just something about seeing them strut around campus that makes your day a whole lot better.

12. Music playing Boulder.

There is something about the constant flow of music during lunch at Boulder that makes you forget about the pile of work you need to get done. And for a Jesuit school, you’d be surprised by the music they play. “Beyond” is not a song the Jesuits would be proud of.

13.  Hammocks on the quad.

College checklist: toothbrush, pillow, microwave, hammock?


14. Sirens

Do. Not. Panic. 10/10 times it has nothing to do with the campus. You. Are. Safe.

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15. Printers

The constant stress of whether or not the printers work can be avoided by one simple step – get your own. Side note: do not tell people unless you want frequent unwanted guests using up all your ink and paper.



16. Miss Yolanda

“Hey baby, how you doing today?” Miss Yolanda can always make an awful day just a little bit better. Nothing beats getting a warm welcome like that at dinner every night.

17. Evergreens aren’t just trees.

Evergreens are upperclassman who volunteer their time to prepare Welcome Weekend and various activities on campus. They encourage students to use them as a resource for advice or even just to be friends. Yeah, I`ll pass on that.


18. The FAC!

It’s the gym. I don’t know why people don’t just call it that but that’s literally what is it.

19. All of the food places to eat around campus.

All there is to say is @spoonloyola

20.  Tapingo

For those people who are too impatient/lazy to wait on a line, Tapingo is a great app to use in order to skip the wait. Big surprise… it’s most commonly used at Starbucks. Get ready to use it a lot during your freshman year At Loyola University Maryland.

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