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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Lafayette

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Lafayette

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Lafayette

So, it’s official. You’ve  received your acceptance letter and you are finally enrolled in Lafayette College. In a few short months, you are going to be the new freshmen on campus. At first, it can be totally nerve-racking. You are bombarded by a ton of new information while trying to navigate around a new campus, But, within a few weeks you are guaranteed to have pretty much everything figured out. Although, there are some useful pieces of advice you should know before walking onto campus for your freshman year at Lafayette.

1. Orientation will be the most exhausting days of your life.

Move-in and orientation days are extremely exhausting. You are already tired from last minute packing the night before and you are very emotional considering this is probably your first time being away from home. During orientation, they keep you busy ALL day so be prepared for non-stop activities. Luckily, orientation is also the most fun you will probably have because you have no classes and no homework! Take advantage of this time to meet a ton of people and organize your new dorm room!


2. The people on your floor will become your second family.

They see you at your best moments and at your worst moments. The people on your floor will be the ones you can rely on the most.


3. Going home for the first time is really special.

From the end of August all the way until mid October you will be spending your days at Lafayette. The first time you get to go home and see your family over Fall Break is really special. You finally get to sleep in your own bed again and shower without shoes on. Being away teaches you to be grateful for the little comforts of home.


4. You will finally feel independent.

For the first time, you have full control over your day-to-day life. You get to create your entire schedule to your specifications. At Lafayette, especially, it is easy to get caught up in all the free time you have. Use the free time you have wisely because over the course of the semester it will slowly dwindle down.

5. You are a first-year NOT a freshman.

For some reason, at Lafayette, you aren’t referred to as freshmen. Everyone calls you a first-year and you are expected to call yourself that as well.


6. Get involved early on!

There are a ton of clubs to get involved in. The best thing about Lafayette is, even though you are a first-year, you can still be the president of a club. Find what YOU are interested in and pursue it!

7. You will eventually get sick of the food.

It happens to everyone. The best way to combat this problem is to mix it up! Don’t go to Marquis or Upper every night. Try going to Gilbert’s once in a while or go off campus to Mojo’s for a really good smoothie.


8. Command strips will become your best friend.

In the dorms,  you can’t use tape or nails to hang your decorations. Therefore, command strips are pretty much your only option. Stock up on them before you get to school!

9. Appreciate your FYS.

Your FYS, or first-year seminar, is meant to get you adjusted to college-level writing. There is pretty much no homework except for a few papers. Plus, the class options are all really interesting. Your FYS will be the one and only easy class you have. Appreciate it!

10. The quiet room in the library can be scary but effective.

The quiet room on the second floor of Skillman is terrifying, but if you need to really buckle down it will force you to do your work. Most importantly, find your study space and where you work most efficiently.


11. Marquis is closed on the weekend…

Sad but true. For everyone that lives far from Farinon, you pretty much are forced to make the walk on weekends to get food.

12. Your OL groupme will always be active.

Your orientation groupme is what your orientation leader (OL) will use to communicate with you over the course of orientation. But, even months after orientation, your OL will still be using it to check up on everyone.



13. Always have extra food in your room.

When you are coming back from a party at 2am you and your friends will want a late-night snack.

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14. Know how to pronounce Oechsle.

There are two Oechsle’s on campus. Know how to pronounce them and how to differentiate between the two. People will call you out.

15. Remember, Lafayette is small.

When you are walking across the quad on Sunday morning, you will see that guy you hooked up with last night.


16. There are a lot of dogs on campus.

Professors always bring their dogs to Lafayette and they are probably one of the best ways to relieve stress during a super hectic week.

17. Simons is far but worth it.

Although it can be a good walk away, Simons is very worth it. It’s another way to switch up your dining options and give you a little bit of exercise to prevent the Freshmen 15.


18. Don’t stress about your major.

At first, everyone comes in thinking that they are completely sure about what they are going to major in. Don’t be afraid to be undeclared. Take different classes and explore your options.

19. Be patient about laundry.

In most of the dorms, there is only one washer and dryer to be shared amongst the whole floor. Be patient and cut people some slack.


20. Freshmen year will be the best year of your life.

Everyone wishes they could go back to freshmen year. It is the most relaxed year of college and it really gives you a chance to find yourself and become independent. Take advantage of the clean slate that you have and put yourself out there. Do things you never could imagine yourself doing. It will pay off in the end.

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