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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Keene State

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Keene State

Freshman year of college is intimidating, especially when you don't know what to expect. Here's things no one tells you about freshman year at Keene State.

Freshman year of college is intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Here’s things no one tells you about freshman year at Keene State.

1. The amount of time spent alone

This is a very common aspect of freshman year at any school. No matter how many friends you meet and how involved you get- you will inevitably have some free time to spend alone in your room. Try to embrace it and take time to think, rather than resent it.


2. How long orientation week will feel

Most schools simply have the 1-2 day orientation over the summer, but KSC has that and a 5-day long orientation in the beginning of the year. You will spend a great deal of time with your O-leader and O-group. These 5 days will feel eternal but try to really pay attention during these days because once it’s over and you’re on your own, that is information you will need.

3. “Community service day”

This is one of the days during orientation week. Each O-group will get a different activity to do to service the community. My group had to pick up trash along a walkway downtown. It’s great to serve our new community, but when its 90 degrees and sunny…this day can feel pretty long.



4. The weekend life

Keene is a party school. So many freshman don’t know this going into the year. You can always find something to do Thursday-Saturday night. I knew KSC was pretty lively, but I had no idea how much I would be going out. Pack your party clothes!

5. Greek life decisions

KSC has a good amount of frats and sororities to choose from. If you are at all interested in joining Greek life, do your research and rush around when rush week comes. Keep your options open!


6. How many people leave

People will drop out halfway through a semester. Don’t be surprised if a couple of your friends choose this just was not for them.

7. RA’s take their job seriously

Your RA is not kidding when they say they will write you up if they catch you with alcohol, drugs, violation of guest policy, etc.

8. Hating your ITW class

No matter your major, it is a given that you will despise your ITW class. But it is a requirement.


9. Making friends in the beginning that won’t stick

I thought the friends I made in the first couple of weeks of school were going to be my forever friends. Friends will come and go throughout the year, don’t let it discourage you from meeting people.

10. How quick second semester flies

After Christmas break, I was surprised to see how quickly spring break snuck up on me. Try to savor every minute you have left of this year.


11. Utilizing your hoot-n-scoot passes

For the first few weeks I was spending my own money at Lloyd’s to get snacks and food when I didn’t have the motivation to got to the dining hall. You get 5 hoot passes a week to get a sandwich, drink and couple of snacks. Use them!

12. Taking Dunkin’ Donuts/Starbucks for granted

There is no Dunkin’ or Starbucks in walking distance to campus. Enjoy these chains while you have them at home.

13. FOMO

Fear of missing out while get you off your butt and to that house party multiple times during the year and will pretty much control your social life.


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14. FOMO wearing off

However, when the weather starts getting chillier and the novelty of those parties starts wearing off, you will realize that it’s totally okay to miss a few nights out.


15. The variety of people

Keene is located in an area where students are coming from so many different walks of life. You will have people from local, small farm towns who grew up raising barn animals. You will have people from more urban areas like Boston or Manchester. Get ready to meet some interesting people.


16. Nicknames

Monadnock Hall is “Mona”. The dining hall is the “DC”. Hoot-n-scoot is “hootie”.


17. All the dorms have faults

No matter how much time you and your future roomie spend researching and stressing over which freshman dorm building to pick, you will find something your hate and something you love about it. It is inevitable, so spend more time worrying about your decorations.

18. Laundry is free

I showed up on move-in day with a ton of quarters, so ready for doing laundry in college. KSC is one of those rare schools that blesses us with laundry included in the tuition.


19. So many stairs

Most buildings don’t have elevators, but multiple floors. On the bright side, it makes you feel less guilty for skipping a gym day.

20. How fast it goes by.

I still cannot believe that I am wrapping up my freshman year of college in just a few weeks. As cliche as it sounds, enjoy it while you can, because it will flash by you.

What are some other things no one tells you about freshman year at Keene State? Share in the comments below!
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