40 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At High Point University

40 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At High Point University

There’s a lot of surprises when entering your first semester of college, and they usually come from left field. I was hit with quite a few of unexpected surprises during my freshman year at High Point University. Here are forty of the most memorable.

This is a collaborative piece by: Corinne King and Anonymous

1. C-Store Squared quesadillas (with chipotle sauce) alone will cause you to gain the freshman fifteen, so limit yourself!

(Especially because they’re available until 2 a.m. every night!)


2. Magic meals are precious so use them wisely.


3. Actually show up to President’s Seminar because Nido is always giving away free stuff! (T-shirts, sunglasses, teddy bears, etc..!)


4. It gets cold in North Carolina, so be prepared for frigid walks back from Greek Village at 2 a.m.


5. Chic-fil-a magic meals come with a milkshake, but The Point milkshakes are a magic meal all by themselves.

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6. Creating your schedule for second semester will be a horrible experience.

It is controlled by hierarchy and we unfortunately are at the bottom. Last choice of classes means lots of 7:50 a.m. classes! Woohoo!

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7. The muffin’s at the kiosks on Friday mornings will always brighten your day (even if you have a 7:50 a.m.).


8. Look forward to picture’s with Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, and lots of toy soldiers around the holiday season.


9. Puppies and small ponies are found at the Wanek Center during midterms and finals for some extra destressin’ and puppy lovin’.


10. Tapingo will become your best friend.


11. Don’t order food from The Point on a Sunday during a big football game, unless you want to wait a few hours for your food.


12. Nido may just come up to you in the caf and steal some french fries. (just let it happen).


13. The pool is going to close early November, even if it’s still 80 degrees outside (what a bummer).


14. Limelight is not liked by everyone so don’t get your hopes up about your first real “club” experience.


15. Smith Library may not seem as exquisite as the other study areas on campus, but is one of the best places to get studying done (and has a great selection of movies!)


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16. It is totally worth staying up late once a week to make a Prime reservation (and fighting against the rest of the school for a spot).


17. Domino’s takes our student passports and meal plan and will deliver to you dorm building.


18. Don’t do anything stupid, because you’ll most likely get fined.


19. Derby Day is the first Saturday after classes, and it’s pretty much just a day of drinking.

The promenade is filled with water slides and food trucks. It’s a good day.


20. The sky always looks beautiful, which supplies you with plenty of pictures for your Vsco or Instagram.


21. Farmer’s will single-handedly keep you sane from all the unhealthy food.

It will become your go to every day during the week because come weekend it’s hard to find healthy food on campus.


22. All of your magic meals will go to Starbucks.

Or Chick Fil-A depending on what time of the day you wake up.

23. All fraternities are the same on the weekends.

Depending on who you know in a frat, all frats are the same parties with just different music.

24. Becoming friends with a boy in every fraternity will be your smartest move in the first months.

Not in a gross way. Between lists to get in and cold nights of having to stash a jacket that you wore up there. Frat boys are good for more than just a hook up.

25. You get baptized by Nido constantly.

Every knows how much President Qubein loves his fountains but on windy days they will constantly spray you.

26. You will never go to the arcade.

Or the movie theater.

27. The Panther Plague is real.

28. Getting reservations to prime is difficult.

Set your alarms and make sure your wifi is working because it’s a race to see who can click refresh the fastest.

29. Derby Day is a marathon not a sprint.

Prepare wisely.

30. You get a lot of free stuff.

Free being a relative term but still.

31. Covered cups are everything.

Do not try to walk from blessing to centennial with a red solo cup in hand, closed containers will save you from getting stopped by security.

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32. Things can get sketchy outside of the gates.

All is well when we have security stopping anyone trying to get in 24/7, but be careful when leaving the pearly white gates of HPU.

33. Stay clear from the stab and grab.

Yeah, that gas station diagonal from the food lion is a no- no, especially late at night.

34. Cottrell will become your second home.

Just make sure you get a board room before anyone else, especially during exam season.

35. Have fun trying to find a parking spot.

While Nido loves his fountains, he hates his parking lots, and because of that finding parking near your dorm will be a hassle.

36. Learn the trolley system.

There’s a huge difference between the silver line and the purple line.

37. The Grille has the best pizza.

And it’s not a magic meal.

38. The pools open in March.

So make sure you have your cute new suits by then.

39. HPU Rec has everything!

Zumba, ropes courses, the gym… everything athletic in one place.

40. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Are you excited for freshman year at High Point University?
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