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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At University of Akron

COLLEGE. One of the best times in your life. Freshman year is a HUGE transition from high school. Your classes are different, you are no longer at the comfort of your home, you are meeting new people and you’re getting used to the campus. Here are a few tips that I wish I knew at the beginning of my freshman year. I hope this helps make your freshman year a little less stressful!

1. Seriously think twice about taking a 7:45am class

Three weeks into the semester you’ll regret it.

2. Every class has a different grading scale

It’s important to keep every classes syllabus because they have that classes grading scale on it.

3. Know your alcohol limit

You don’t want to be that one freshman that out of control at the party.

4. Procrastination is real, so do your work as soon as possible

It’s best to finish assignments right after class or as soon as possible or you’ll forget to do it.

5. You will get tired of the same food after the first month

There’s only so many food options offered, so maybe save one place to try spring semester.

6. You will get homesick

This is completely normal!

7. Previous high school clubs/organizations mean nothing in college

It’s true. It looks good on a resume but you’ll have to fine new clubs to join in college.


8. It’s not a smart idea to skip class often

If you get in the habit of skipping class, you’ll miss notes and most likely do poorly on the test.

9. Wait a few weeks to buy your books

Your professor will tell you if you need the book or not, so you’ll save money if you wait until the first day of class.

10. People take your laundry so keep a close eye on it

I recommend setting a timer on your laundry so you are there when it’s done, so other people don’t move it around.

11. Your GenEd lectures will be intimidating at first

There will probably be around 100+ kids in your lecture. It will be weird at first.

12. It’s okay to call your parents

Everyone calls their parents! They miss you too!

13. Eating healthy can be hard to do here, go to the rec as much as possible

The rec is free and always open! This is great especially since you won’t always have the healthiest food available.

14. Netflix will become your best friend

It’s a great way to pass time!

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15. It’s normal to eat alone

You won’t have the same people in all your classes so you won’t always be with someone to sit down and eat with. This is completely normal in college!

16. You need your zip card for everything

Your zip card is the most important thing here. Don’t lose it!

17. There is no dress code

It’s true! You can wear what you want.


18. Not everyone you meet will be your friend

You’ll meet a TON of people the first week, but they all won’t stay your friend.

19. The more involved you are, the more at home you’ll feel

The more involved you are the more people you will meet and the more you’ll feel comfortable here.

20. There is nothing wrong with saying “no”

You don’t have to agree to do everything.

What are some other things no one tells you about freshman year at University of Akron? Comment below!
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