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20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Syracuse University

20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At Syracuse University

College is going to be a hell of a ride but sometimes you aren't going to be ready for some things during freshman year at Syracuse University.

Freshman year here is going to be a hell of a ride but sometimes you aren’t going to be ready for some things at Syracuse University.  Here are some tips that no one tells you about freshman year at Syracuse University.

1. Move in Day is a lot

Waiting for your turn to be allowed in is the most exciting and most terrifying time of your life.

2. The parties start the night you move in

You will be drinking before your parents even make it home.


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3. Its a lot more stressful than you expect

Learning to live by yourself is rough.

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4. Its also a  lot more fun

Being independent is the best.

5. Its okay to not be best friends with your roommate

You just have to live together.


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6. Its okay to be selective about who your friends are

Don’t latch on to the first people you meet.


7. Don’t feel pressure to do everything

There are hundreds of student organizations, you don’t have to join all of them.


8. You wont get the same grades as in high school

College is harder.

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9. The bathrooms will not always be as clean as you want

Fix it will clean, but their are always gross days.

10. You can go out every night, but you don’t have too

We’re a top party school, you can do what you want with that.


11. You will be cold

12. You do need that winter coat your mom wants to buy you

Just let her.

13. Scary killer clowns, are probably just frat guys

It happened.

14. You will idolize the basketball players

We all love them, just except it.

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15. You don’t think 10 degrees is that cold until you feel the wind

It just sucks.

16. You think you wont stare at Boeheim like he’s a god, but you will

He is the most worshiped person on campus.



17. Yes, the Duke game is that important

Most people skip class, or cancel class.

18. You can go to the bathroom during class, you don’t have to ask

You are an adult know you control you.


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19. The mount steps do suck

Inhalers are sometimes needed.

20. Lawerinson does have a million fire drills

21 floors of students and not a single one can make popcorn correctly.

What are some things you wish you knew your freshman year at Syracuse University? Comment below!
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