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10 Things A New York Native Notices When Going To Another City

10 Things A New York Native Notices When Going To Another City

Being a New York Native you live the high-life! New York City has given you the best of the best in the city that never sleeps. No other state compares!

Being a New York native has you pretty keen on what every other state lacks. After all, you did grow up or live in the greatest state in the country. New York natives have it all, we’ve lived the high life! Here are 10 things all New York natives can relate to!

1. There’s too much sky.

Growing up in the big city, walking past skyscrapers every day, you rarely look up. But when you do, tall buildings offer comfort and familiarity. But in just about any other city in the U.S., the number and height of tall buildings diminishes.

2. The pizza sucks.

Pizza is a rare commodity across the U.S., and to any New Yorker who finds themselves outside of New York, it becomes nearly inedible. Chicago is lying when they say they have pizza—it’s a trap.


3. People are disturbingly patient.

New Yorkers are famous for the hustle and bustle lifestyle. If you waste too much of our time, we will throw you into traffic. But just about anywhere else, people are friendly, their conversations drawl on, and they don’t seem to be pressed the same way you do—it’s bizarre.

4. Everyone expects the New York native to memorize every monument in the city.

Obviously, you must have been to the Statue of Liberty when you were three; visited the Empire State Building when you were seven; and Rockefeller Center. And Grand Central Station. You are expected to have walked every block in your city.

5. Everyone’s been to NYC, but you’ve never been to their hometown.

NYC is a hot-spot for tourists. Cape Verde in Louisiana? Not so much. It’s a nice place you’re sure, you’ve just never heard of it… or been there… or knew it existed…


6. You are automatically endowed with the city’s history.

Every historical event that occurred in New York City—from New Amsterdam to today—is one you are believed to have practically lived through. You know everything about your hometown.

7. All the famous people live down the street from you.

All the pop stars and rappers shop in the same grocery store as you do. You see them every day. No biggie.

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8. You recoil when you hear “Y’all.”

The term is unknown to you. Perhaps it is a foreign language. You distrust it immediately.

9. You hate slow walking.

It is a crime against humanity. ‘Nuff said.

10. There’s no place like home.

Even in other cities, especially rural areas, New Yorkers get home sick. They don’t dream of coming to the Big Apple, they live there, and they miss it when they’re away.

Hey New York Natives! Anything else you’ve noticed? Drop us a line below!
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