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10 Things You Need To Have In Your Interview Bag

10 Things You Need To Have In Your Interview Bag

Getting ready for an interview can be really stressful because you want to make the best first impression. Along with looking nice and completely professional, what do you put in your purse? Here are 10 things you need to have in your interview bag to guarantee that you will nail the interview! Good luck you got it!

Bad Breath = Bad Impression

One thing NOT to have is bad breath. The last thing you want your potential employer to remember you by is how bad your breath smelt. If you have gum, remember to spit it out before the interview. Professionalism is key!

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Always Have a Pen or Something to Write With

One thing my mom always had with her was a pen. You never know when you have to write something down and going to an interview is no acceptation.

A Nice Notebook

Along with that pen, you obviously will need something to write on. And with that notebook you could have questions for interviewer written down to ask at the end of the interview.


Smelling Good = Good Impression

As that age old saying goes, “Everyone likes a good smelling man… or in this case woman. Something soft is always good, but nothing too strong.

Perfume is essential to have in your interview bag!

No One Likes Fly-A-Ways

This is self-explanatory, but having a small brush to get rid of those little fly-a-ways will take you a long way.

Have a Resume on Hand

This is an important one, having a resume on hand not only makes you look good but shows that you want this job. And employers want people who are prepared and ready to do their best.

Having a resume is essential to have in your interview bag!

Mirror, Mirror

There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity. Especially when you are trying to present yourself in the best light, and you can’t necessarily do that with left over lunch in your teeth.

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Fake it Till You Make it

Sickness isn’t always something you can prevent. But, you can help yourself out by carrying some aspirin or ibuprofen. Even when you don’t feel your best, having something to help can make a world of difference.

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Most Importantly, Smile

Okay, so you can’t put a smile in your bag, but as they say it’s your best accessory. When you smile you give you employer the impression that you will be a joy to work with and what’s better than a person who is likable?

Smiling is the most important to have during an interview!

Do you have any other suggestions for what you should have in your interview bag? Share in the comments below!

Here's some things you need to have in your interview bag!

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