21 Things You Need for a Disney Dorm Room

Everything you need for a magical Disney dorm room! If you want to decorate your dorm or apartment with Disney decor, check out these awesome options!

Let’s face it; most college kids love Disney more than young kids do. That being said, sophisticated decorations related to Disney can be found very easily for a house, apartment, or dorm room. These products are often extremely artsy, creative, and give the buyer (or maker) a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. Disney characters, quotes, and images have the ability to give off constant magic, making the entire room feel happier. Looking for inspiration for my dorm room next year, I took to Pinterest and found some of the most magical Disney themed dorm room decorations.  Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas for your Disney Dorm Room!

1) A Throw Blanket 

Cozy up with this cute and comfy Mickey Mouse blanket that will warm you up on a cold day. Hopefully, you can dream of being in Disney World the next time you’re laying in your dorm room bed!


2) Wall Decals

Turn your boring dorm room wall into a work of art, Disney style! 

3) Cups & Mugs

You can never go wrong with a cute mug or cup to carry around campus showing off your love of Disney.


4) An Area Rug

Make your cold dorm room floor a bit more comfortable to walk on by adding a beautiful Disney rug.

5) Create A Mickey Mirror

This clever mirror looks like Mickey Mouse! Adds a nice touch to your room or bathroom.


6) A Clock

This item is just too cute and cleaver not to include.

7) Lights

Illuminate your room with cute lights, whether they’re strung up, sitting on your desk, or plugged into the wall as a night light.  They’ll make your room ten times more magical.


8) Jewelry Holders

Every princess needs a place to put her jewelry!


9) A Shelf

This would work perfectly as a bedside shelf- a place for your phone, cup, or even a book as you lounge in bed.

10) Pin Display

If you’ve been to Disney recently, chances are you have a ton of pins from your visit, but have no idea what to do with them! Make a cork board display like these and hang it on your wall at school!


11) Magnets

Mini fridges and micro-fridges tend to pretty plain and boring, so make it more inviting with some cute magnets!


12) Mouse Ear Display

Create a cute display to hang your Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears in! Whenever you look at them you’ll be reminded of all the fun times you’ve had at the parks.

 13) Hangable Art

Any type of art that you can put on the wall or stand on a desk is great for decorating a dorm room! Just make sure to hang them in a way that won’t damage the wall, because you will have to pay for it!


14) Door Knob Decor

If you’re a fan of Alice In Wonderland this one is for you! Make this little guy go around your doorknob and it automatically makes your room more inviting to visitors.

15) Speakers

These Mickey speakers are so cool! They’re waterproof and light up so you can use them around the room and bring them with you to the showers.  Make sure to blast the Disney Pandora Radio station every once and a while.


16) Pillows

Any room can be made more hospitable with pillows and all of these are so cute that they’d fit perfectly in any dorm room!

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17) Jars/ Containers

Use these for whatever you’d like- writing utensils, bathroom products, or even snacks. You can make them yourself if you feel like getting crafty!


18) Desk or Shelf Decorations 

Any small Disney knick-knack would go great on your desk, dresser, or shelf.  Anything that can make your room brighter and feel more like home is game!

19) Dry Erase Board

Having a place to quickly jot stuff down is very helpful in college, so why not do it in style! This is one of the best items for a Disney dorm room!


20) Wall Stickers

If you know for sure that you’ll be able to successfully take them off of the wall without damaging it, these wall stickers make for great decorations!


21) Glasses Holder

Having a convenient place to put your glasses would be great, and it’s a plus that this one is so cute!

Good luck decorating your Disney dorm room, princesses! Let me know your must-have Disney decorations in the comments below!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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