10 Things My Sorority Sisters Have Taught Me

There are so many things my sorority sisters have taught me. I've put together some of the most important lessons I've learned in my sorority.

Joining a sorority has been the best experience at college for me. It has lived up to everything I thought it would be like. Here are 10 things my sorority sisters have taught me!

1. I am funny.

I can always count on my sisters to laugh at my not so funny jokes. My sorority sister actually told me the other night that she loves how much I can make her laugh. This absolutely made my night.


2. How to dance like an idiot.

Whenever my sisters and I are out on the town, I am always encouraged to dance like a weirdo. I only listen to them because they cheer me on whenever I do.


3. How fun it is to dress up for themed events.

My sorority sisters have taught me that it is okay to “go all out” for the theme. Even if that means wearing an ugly disco outfit that looks like it should have been sold for 10 cents.


4. I will always have someone to eat with.

If I say the word Sakura my sisters immediately get in the car and go with me. Who doesn’t love hibachi??

5. That my little will be my best friend.

I was more than thrilled to get a little. I was happy to find out that she is everything I could ask for!


6. How being put in a large group of people has made me able to make friends quickly.

I love absolutely everyone in my pledge class. We are always trying to do stuff together and make sure everyone is included.


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7. I don’t have one closet, I have over two-hundred.

Who needs to buy new clothes when you can borrow all of your sisters?


8.  I will always have someone to help me with my school work.

I can always count on one of my sisters to help me when I am confused.

9. I am never alone.

Whenever I am upset, I will always have someone to lift me up whether that is picking me up to get junk food or taking me out on the town.


10.  I will always have someone to take pictures with.

My sisters always bring their fancy cameras or selfie sticks wherever we go. It’s a photo shoot all the time!

I’ll always be thankful for the things my sorority sisters have taught me! What have you learned in your sorority?
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