10 Things Men Should Know About Women

These things men should know about women can really help your guy learn more about you and your relationship. These are the most important things.

There really are some things men should know about women. If you’re struggling with the ladies there might be a reason for it. Maybe you’re not caring enough, or maybe you’re just terrible in the bedroom. Here are ten things all men should know about women, take note and good luck!

1. We fake orgasms

You may think your god’s gift to women, but are you? How can you be sure that you’re doing well between the sheets? Every woman has faked and orgasm at some time in her life. Pay close attention, explore your partner and don’t be selfish. (You know what I mean).

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2. We love attention

Every woman wants to be appreciated. We love nothing better than walking into a room and being noticed, compliments are key. It’s easy to drop a cute goodnight text. If you don’t give her enough attention somebody else will.

10 Things Men Should Know About Women

3. We hate hearing about your ex

There is nothing more irritating than a guy who brings up his ex. It’s off-putting to say the least and makes us feel second best. We don’t care about Becky with the good hair, carry on talking and well send you right back to her.

4. We hate dick pics

No matter what you think no one wants to receive a snapchat of your manhood. If you want to show us something, show us how it works.

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5. What we say is not always what we mean

For example have you ever had a woman say to you “I don’t want anything for Valentine’s day.” Usually what this means is I’m telling you I don’t want anything but I’m hoping you will surprise me. If you don’t surprise me I’m going to be upset, even though I told you I didn’t want anything. Confusing right? Just be good to us ok?

10 Things Men Should Know About Women

6. We don’t care about money

We hate when guys boast about how much money they have. We don’t care about what kind of car you drive, we care about how you treat us. You can have all the money in the world but that’s means nothing if you don’t have respect for your girl. As Jlo one sang “My love don’t cost a thing”. It’s the little things that count, ok Hun?

7. We like a bad boy, but want you to be nice

Nice guys finish last, because there so nice that It’s boring. Women want a bad boy to keep them on their toes, but they want to turn him into a nice guy. It’s for the satisfaction of knowing he was once bad but has now turned good for us.

10 Things Men Should Know About Women

8. We need you to be masculine

Every woman wants a guy who can look after her. Not because we can’t look after ourselves, but because we enjoy being your prize possession. Women need a man’s man. You wouldn’t want to date a masculine woman and we definitely don’t want to date a feminine man. So if Taylor Swift songs our your guilty pleasure, do yourself a favour and keep it a secret!

9. We are very sensitive

Women are emotional, especially when it comes to that annoying time of the month. We struggle with pains, hormonal changes and fatigue, every month! So give us a break ok? Be careful of what you say, a woman can cry over something as little as breaking a nail during her period. Life hack- Bring her chocolate, be extra considerate, tell her she looks pretty without her make up on, you know, that kind of thing.

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10. Humour will win us over

Make a woman laugh and you can charm her into your bed. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, you just have to make her smile. This is one of the biggest things men should know about women.

What do you think men should know about women? Tell us in the comments!
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