5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

This is so my topic, I have been married for over 3 years now and blessed with a baby girl who is now a year old. Though I love her to bits, I do sometimes miss those fun-filled, adventurous days I had before becoming a mother. Well, what can I say, such is life, you gain new responsibilities and relations with time.  Read ahead about 5 things married couples can relate to before having kids.

1. Date Nights

As a married couple I remember every Friday would be our date night, it just felt so special getting dressed for the one you love and having a lovely romantic evening. Imagine there was no one to disturb you or to throw tantrums at you. It all sounds like a dream now and I cannot really picture having a date night any time soon. As a married couple, these date nights helped us spend more time with each other as it is very difficult during the week to do so, also just help us relax and enjoy each other’s company.

5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

2. Late night movies

There was a time when my husband and I would watch almost all the movies released in the theatre. We were complete movie buffs and would enjoy watching movies late at night together. Now it is far from possible we can even step in a theatre let alone watching a movie with a one-year-old baby. Late night movies are absolute fun as there is no traffic to get there, the cinema is not as crowded and fits perfectly even after a busy schedule.

5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

3. Traveling

If you’ll married couples love to travel then definitely do it before you have kids, as not only does it get difficult to travel around with them, it gets really expensive too. My husband and I both love traveling, hence we did make it a point to travel as much as we could before we started a family. Now with a kid, not only do we have to carry extra luggage, but we also have to do multiple stops for a nappy change, to feed them and so and an so forth. Traveling as a couple is just wonderful, you can travel light, roam the streets till late at night, you can eat as you go or go to fancy restaurants and enjoy a lovely meal in peace. When traveling as a couple you can visit as many places as you want and they need not be for family only.

5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

4. Luxurious Bath Time

Yes! once you have a kid it is a luxury if you get to use the bath or even take long showers without your child crying or screaming. For all married couples who are planning on starting a family, enjoy numerous luxurious bath time as once you have your kid you won’t be getting those for a long time. How I cherish my fond memories of going to the spa with my husband or relaxing in the bath tube over a glass of wine and some lovely jazz. It might sound like a scene from a movie but yeah I used to enjoy having this luxurious bath time at least once a month and I am glad I did.

5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

5. Make spontaneous plans

As a couple, we are pretty spontaneous at making plans and it always seemed exciting and fun at first, but trust me doesn’t seem that fun when you have a baby with you. If there are married couples who enjoy being spontaneous at planning your weekends then do so as much as you can. Because it will be a while until you can plan out your next spontaneous trip.

5 Things Married Couples Can Relate To Before Having Kids

I know most of the married couples can relate to this as their former life before they had kids and cherish those peaceful, beautiful moments. Also, for those planning on having kids can use this as a guide and make the most of their time as couples.

If you have kids now, comment below and let us know what things you really miss doing now. For those without kids, tell us what other things you do now which you know you won’t be able to do once you have kids.

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