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10 Things Every Loyola University Chicago Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Loyola University Chicago Student Asks Themselves

At Loyola University Chicago we have our inside jokes. If you go to school in Chicago, you will get these signs you're a Loyola University Chicago student.
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While everyone has a unique college experience, as ‘Blers we all have some of the same experiences. If you go to Loyola University Chicago, these 10 things will make so much sense to you. Couldn’t be any more proud to go to Loyola University Chicago.

1. Why do I go somewhere where the air hurts my face?

Yeah, the lake looks pretty, but that lake effect is real and it HURTS.


2. Why couldn’t I have been born as one of these rabbits?

They get to appreciate this campus, don’t have to go to class, and don’t have student debt.

3. What the hell is a Rambler and why is our mascot a wolf?

Go ‘Blers and everything, but what is the correlation between a wolf and rambling? (Fun fact the original mascot was a hobo, but was changed in the 80’s because it wasn’t appropriate).


4. Who picks the music in Damen?

Somebody Else by The 1975 is music for midnight in an almost empty student center, not noon when it’s crowded.

5. Why did I schedule an early class in a top floor of Mundelien?

I have to leave extra early to go to an early class I don’t want to take so I can wait forever for a crowded elevator. Great.

6. Why do other schools have homecoming?

I didn’t know because we don’t have a football team that it was a common thing to have a homecoming.

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7. Is Topio’s even ever open?

I just want some pizza and I’ve seen it open like twice in the past year and a half.

8. Does Loyola even have sports?

Do we? Are we good at any of them?


9. Is there a party going on on campus this weekend?

Lol no. You’ll have to leave Rogers Park.

10. Why is literally the entire school in the IC and library right now?

I just need to study but apparently the entire campus does too.

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