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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year at CPP

I’m sure you were the bee’s knees at your high school, but now you’re starting college at a big university and things run a little differently. Are you ready for the best years of your life? Other than the roster of our undefeated football team*wink wink* here are a few more things you should know to get you off to a good start at CPP!


1. You will have calf muscles of an Olympian before you graduate.

This amazing campus has multiple beautiful natural aspects to it. Part of having such a beautiful campus is leaving the land as it lay from before it was founded, which means all the hills and slopes from 1938. Even if your next class is one building away from your current class you can count on the trek you will have to take to get there. Often times classmates would come into my class breathing heavily from the energy needed to climb up the campus walk ways.

With all this walking every week you are sure to build stronger calf muscles! I personally like walking around the campus and don’t mind putting a little more effort into it BUT if you aren’t one for excess physical challenges then you can join the group of broncos who wait at the multiple bus stops on campus to pick you up and drop you off at the closest stop to your destination.


2. Be aware of parking tickets…

Yes, the parking signs at CPP are to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, for us students at CPP parking officers are very good at their job. If you park in a 2-hour parking area you best be driving off in your car before 2 hours pass. I learned the hard way when I arrived 10 minutes late to my car and found myself staring at a nice parking ticket on my car. If you don’t pay the ticket your next classes will be put on hold and you won’t be able to pay for them.

If you want to fight it do not do it online ***it is best to call and talk to someone*** make sure when you call to have the ticket with you because they will want information that’s stated on the ticket.


3. Appreciate the beautiful landscape of campus.

What are those?! I have always admired pretty landscaping with flowers and various plants but I am nothing close to a specialist. When I started at CPP I saw different plants that I hadn’t seen before and wondered what they were. Thanks to the many signs and descriptions on most of the plants I now know a plethora of new plants! Specifically in the rose garden, there are tons of wooden signs next to each type of rose with super cute Pinterest worthy names.

See Also


4. Don’t buy your textbooks from the bookstore if you don’t like standing in long lines.

At the beginning of each quarter, everyone scrambles to rent or purchase the books they will need for their new classes. There are countless of places to get what you need. Many purchase their textbooks online from the Bronco Book Store. The thing is, you have to wait in such a long line to get your books! For those who don’t live close to campus or for those who don’t like standing in over an hour long line with no thrilling coaster at the end of it, this route is not for you! Instead, try this awesome site for discounted textbooks for students!

5. Try and make friends ASAP!

Due to Cal Poly being a commuter-school many people don’t know a single person come the first day of class. Don’t let that stop you from making relationships. I am not a shy person, but I was too intimidated to start a conversation with anyone on my first day. It was very awkward in my first quarter classes because nobody made small talk. It wasn’t until week 5 (as everyone crammed for the midterm) that people started talking and exchanging contacts. For the last weeks of the quarter we asked each other for help with homework, we studied for tests together, and we reminded each other when assignments were due. It was so much easier to tackle the classes when we worked together because we are all in the same boat.

Cal Poly Pomona has so very much to offer. The faster you learn the ropes the better off you will be. I really wish I would have known the things above before starting freshmen year at CPP, so I hope you’re able to learn from my experiences. Best wishes to you during this wonderful time in life! #Gobroncos

What do you wish you knew before freshman year at Cal Poly Pomona? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Cambria Jimenez

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