10 Things JMU Students Always Ask Themselves

With such a diverse student population, it's hard to characterize what it means to be a Duke. But, here are 10 things JMU students always ask themselves.

Every student at JMU is unique. With such a diverse student population, it’s hard to characterize what it means to be a Duke. But, if you ever find yourself asking these questions, there’s no doubt that you go to JMU. Here are 10 things JMU students always ask themselves.

1. Why on earth did I walk this way?

Whether it’s the death stairs at Godwin, the hill by Madison Union or the ISAT stairs, there’s no need for leg day at the gym. When you have 15 minutes to get from East Campus to the Quad, you’ll take whatever route gets you there the fastest. But when you feel like your legs are about to fall off, you realize that you’d rather be five minutes late than ever walk this way again.


2. How did I already spend all my dining dollars?

Let’s face it, we’re all nursing a caffeine addiction and Starbucks is not cheap. Nothing’s more embarrassing than a cashier telling you that you’re already out of dining half-way through the semester.

3. Why is E Hall so far away?

Oh, E Hall. It’s so glorious. Nothing beats a freshly made, customizable¬†omelet on a dreary Sunday morning. But when you’re on the quad and an E Hall craving hits you, heaven never seemed so far.



4. How many days can I go out this week and still get my work done?

Dukes like to get loose. Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday … it’s overwhelming. But remember, we are here to further out education after all. So if you want to go out this week, then you better get grinding.


5. Why must the train honk it’s horn while I’m trying to sleep?

If you live on campus, the train is your worst nightmare. No one knows when it’s coming, but it always seems to arrive right when you’re trying to nap.


6. Why does it smell so weird when it rains?

There are so many rumors regarding the mysterious rainy smell. Some say it’s because of a dog food factory. Others say its from the grain that falls off of the train. But whatever it is, there’s something funky that happens when it rains. It doesn’t necessarily smell bad, but it definitely smells … weird.

7. Why is D Hall construction so loud

The D Hall construction is a pain in everyone’s butt. It’s loud and it never seems to stop. Even professors resent it, as it often disrupts classes on the Quad. But it’ll all be worth it in the end, because look how cool it’s going to be!


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8. Do professors judge students for showing up to class hungover?

As previously mentioned, JMU students like to go out. Thirsty Thursdays are always fun, but it doesn’t bode well for Friday morning classes. When you show up to class in the clothes you slept in, x’s on your hands and the party makeup you forgot to take off, it’s obvious what you did last night. Hmm, I wonder what your professor is thinking.



9. Why are the busses never on time

The buses are great. They get you from one side of the campus to the other and the drivers are incredibly kind. But whenever you have time to kill, the buses will show up early. And when your already running late, don’t expect the buses to follow through.


10. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else

Despite everything, JMU is the best. All it’s little faults are nothing in compared to the experience it offers. All your friends will say that they go to the best school, but you know the truth. JMU has everything and will give you with the best four years of your life. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?

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