20 Things That Need To Be In Your Travel Journal

There's no better way to remember your time abroad or traveling than to put it all in a travel journal. Here are some tips to creating a cute one!

We’ve all seen those Insta-worthy, “oh-my-god how could any travel journal be so pretty,” and secretly prayed to the Pinterest gods that one day we may be able to create something as beautiful. Eventually, I faced my fears and created my own and here’s what I added!

1. Plane Tickets.

2. Polaroid Pictures.

Grab your Fujifilm camera and take those artsy pics!

3. Event Ticket Stubs.

4. Sketches.

5. Maps.

Map where you’ve been so you have a cute visual of your journey!


6. Artwork From Museums.

Print off mini “Starry Night” paintings to remember all the beautiful work you’ve seen.

7. Postcards.

3 for $1? Yes, please! This is the perfect way to fill your page with beautiful pictures of your travel destinations.

8. Itinerary.

Keep a schedule to remember where to go and what to do.


9. List of Favorite Things.

Don’t forget any of those random cups of coffee and songs you heard at restaurants. The perfect travel journal entry!

10. Trip Playlist.

11. Stickers!


12. Stamps.

13. Dried Flowers.

14. Things You Heard People Say.

Keep track of all the wild slang words and quirky sayings.

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15. Tea Tags.

Good tea, bad tea, all tea.

16. Snippets from Local Newspapers.

If any wild news happens, get the official report to decorate your travel journal.


17. Foreign Currency.

18. Brochures.

19. Business Cards.

20. Paper Bags/T-Shirt for the Cover.

The perfect way to cover your DREAM travel journal.

Instagram, here you come!

Can you think of anything else to add to your travel journal?! Comment below!
Featured Image Source: weheartit.com