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10 Things I Would Change About SJU

10 Things I Would Change About SJU


Shout out to St. John’s University for welcoming us students back for the spring semester! So happy to be back with a messed up sleeping schedule and crazy workload. No but really though… it’s good to be home. Even though St. John’s has become a home for many students, our home just needs a little bit of renovating in regards to some rules we have on campus. These are ten things I would change about SJU!

1. Monty’s Open Later On Fridays & Saturdays

On Fridays and Saturdays, Monty’s closes at 7:30 p.m. So if you’re like me and you accidentally take a nap after your 4:50 p.m. class and miss dinner.. it sucks. Monty’s should definitely stick to it’s usual time of closing at 10:00 p.m… 7 days a week.


2. People Should Be Able To Sign Out After 3 a.m.

St. John’s has a pretty restrictive guest policy in comparison to other schools, but students should have the option to sign out at any time instead of just 3 a.m. We literally live in a Residence Village, and should be able to walk back to each other’s dorms at whatever time we choose to leave. We also need to be signed into other buildings, but that shouldn’t be the case if we’re already students. Signing in guests on a daily basis should be more lenient to current students.



3. Guest Swipes Should Not Be Premium Swipes

I found this out towards the end of the semester when a friend visited.. and it was pretty awkward staring at the lady swiping me into Monty’s and my friend. Basically, the 10 premium swipes you have are also your guest swipes. If you used 4 premium swipes and your friend visits you on campus, you only have 4 swipes to use because that’s how many you have left. Your premium swipes and guest swipes should have no correlation with each other.

4. Better Meal Exchange Options & Times

Over 90% of St. John’s University’s students are commuters, but there are the few of us that reside in the Residence Village and want to still meal exchange on weekends. Also why does the diner only accept premium swipes on weekends. Let me use my points. I also don’t know if this is just me but can we have meal exchange at 4 p.m. too!? And let’s change how you can only meal exchange for Dunkin’ Donuts in the mornings on weekends….

5. Lower Marketplace Prices

My late night cravings as a broke college student should not break my wallet for a bag of chips that is already only filled halfway. I will probably still go to the marketplace though because I am too lazy to walk to Rite Aid. I recommend ordering groceries off Amazon though… that 2 day shipping is clutch. (Look into Amazon’s prime student).


6. Having A Football Team

So we don’t have a football team.. and our last season was in 2002. I feel like what a lot of us students wish we could have during the fall are tailgates. We already have so much red storm pride for all our D1 sports, so imagine our student section at football games? Go Johnnies!



7. Having More Shuttles To The Manhattan Campus

Luckily, we have a Manhattan location, but we should have more shuttles to the Manhattan location so students that are in the city can take the shuttle back to campus from day to night. Currently, the shuttle bus only takes students to the Manhattan campus departing at 7:30 a.m and arriving at 8:45 a.m, but it is only a one way ride. We should have more options of a shuttle going to the Manhattan campus and taking students back, especially when St. John’s continuously promotes how close our school is to the city and how we should take full advantage of it.

8. Free STD Testing

At the end of the day, we’re attending a Catholic school. On the other hand, students will be sexually active and it’s best to offer free STD testing and promote safety and awareness on campus. St. John’s University came up as one of the highest ranking colleges for worst sexual health in the nation.

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9. A Pool On Campus

I don’t know if this is just me, but can we please have a pool on campus? I’m sure we can find room somewhere. Imagine how dope our school’s pool parties would be this semester?


10. Not A Dry Campus

So this is pretty controversial, but it’s college. St. John’s University is a dry campus, which means even if you are 21 and the legal age to drink, you cannot be seen with alcohol on campus. I understand every university has their rules, but if you are 21, you should be able to stop by the liquor store that is so conveniently located outside of Gate 1 and get yourself a bottle of wine for wine down Wednesdays so you can binge watch your Netflix show.


At the end of the day, these rules will probably still be in place, but we can all dream. Patiently waiting for a pool though.

Do you agree with the things I would change about SJU? What are some things you would change about St. John’s University? Share with your friends and comment below!
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