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20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year At SJU

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year At SJU

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year At SJU

Freshman year is both exciting and nerve wracking, why wouldn’t it be? Fortunately, so many people have experienced the same worries you have and learned a ton of tips to help you survive! Keep reading to see what I wish I knew before my freshman year at SJU!

1. How to manage my time.

2. Students aren’t forced to be fit.

Physical Education is not a class. Students are in charge of staying in shape at the gym, on their own time.

3. No one really cares about what you did in high school.

4. Coffee will help you, not hurt you.

5. High school doesn’t follow you to college. It’s literally a fresh start.



6. It’s normal to be nervous.

7. The boyfriend I had wasn’t going to be my boyfriend forever.

8. Keep up with events on and off campus, meet friends and pay attention to signs.

9. RateMyProfessor saves lives!

It’s not necessarily the classes, it’s the professors. If I would’ve known this before freshman year I would’ve known who to avoid!

10. I had no idea how to study correctly.

There’s designated places for you to study on campus. In high school, I studied comfortably at home. Freshman year, I searched for quiet places to study besides the library. There’s actually a procedure for studying, successfully.

Learn how to study your freshman year at SJU!

11. Prepare a time to have a study session.

Set time aside every day to study, when you have no other obligations.


12. Pace yourself.

Don’t study for 8 hours straight, that’s not a good way to start your freshman year at SJU.

13. Get sleep before you study.

14. Clear your mind right before studying (meditating works).

You’ll be amazed how much more focused you’ll be.

15. Eliminate distractions (texting mid-session isn’t helpful). Turn off the electronics.



16. Find a study space and set up.

Whether its in your dorm, in the library, or somewhere else on campus, find a place you really enjoy studying.

17. Take breaks!

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18. Always have a wrap up session.

Make sure everything is in order and you have everything you need for class the next day, especially notes you may have taken while studying that will be extra helpful.

19. Its okay to not know what you want your career to be starting college.

The only thing that matters when declaring your major is to ‘Be Passionate’. Follow your heart and be happy about the choice you made for YOURSELF. Your college career is about investing in you and your future.


20. Sleeping a normal 8 hours wouldn’t exist ever again.


What have you learned so far during your freshman year at SJU? Comment below and share the article!
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