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10 Things I Wish I Brought To College

10 Things I Wish I Brought To College

Things I wish I brought to college are really important. These are things to add to your college shopping list. Bring these things to college with you!

Before I moved into college, I wrote a little article on things I believed were essential to making my college dorm experience a little easier. However, after my first semester of actually being in college, there are things I wish I had definitely brought with me that I had completely slipped my mind. So, here is a list of ten things I wish I brought to college with me.

1. A nice, durable bathrobe.

I had never used bathrobes at home because I always just did everything in the bathroom when I showered. There was no need for me to leave the bathroom until I was fully dressed and ready to go. However, in college, the shower stalls are so tiny that there is absolutely no room to get dressed or even dry yourself off. Wrapped a towel around yourself and skipping down the hallway definitely isn’t the best idea. You never know who will be on your floor and it’s so easy for the towel to come loose. Eventually, I got one and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. After I shower, I slip the robe on and head to my room to get changed. No nip slips, no rubbing against the dirty shower walls.


2. A longer charging cable for those with bunked/lofted beds!

When I first moved in, I had the normal Apple charging cable for my phone. It was much too short, so when my alarm rang in the morning, I had to climb down my lofted bed to turn off the alarm. It was a hassle and I wish I had brought a longer charging cable with me. However, with my Amazon Prime Student account, I got one almost immediately and I regret absolutely nothing!

Lightning Cable,10Ft Extended Extra Long 8 Pin to USB Sync and Charging Cable Charger Power Cord for Iphone 7 6 6 Plus, Iphone 5 5s 5c (White)



3. Retractable lint roller for on-the-go emergencies!

When I saw these, I was baffled by the fact that no one had come up with this idea any sooner. A retractable lint roller is a small lint roller than you can easily stick into your backpack. If your jacket is lined on the inside, some of the material might stick to your clothes. No one wants to walk around covered in lint!

4. Hand sanitizer for your room.

This is one thing that I had forgotten when I was buying things for my dorm. Thankfully, my roommate had bought some and it has been something I have used almost every day. It comes in handy, especially if your hands are slightly sticky and you don’t feel like making the tread down to the bathroom. Plus, who doesn’t like to kill germs?



5. Fuzzy slippers for lounging around the room.

I had shower slippers and I had sandals to wear outside. But! I didn’t bring fuzzy sandals to lounge around in. Wearing my Birkenstocks around the room was okay, but I wish I had something softer to wear around the room. And when the colder days come around, your feet will always stay warm.


6. A HDMI cable and thunderbolt adapter (for Apple products) to connect my computer to the tv!

Technically, these are two items but they go hand in hand. If you do not have an Apple computer, then you don’t need the thunderbolt adapter. The HDMI cable will display whatever is on your computer screen to your television screen. It makes watching a movie with friends much easier and more enjoyable!


7. A laptop case to keep your computer safe!

There are so many cute laptop cases to keep your computer safe. It’s easy to accidentally set your backpack down too hard and risk damage to your computer. Buying a laptop case is very affordable and allows you to add your own personal touch to your computer. Within a week of arriving to college, I purchased one off Amazon right away and I don’t regret it at all. Seriously, it’s one of those things wish I brought to college earlier.

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8. Christmas lights to brighten up the room.

When I moved in, I had brought with me a ton of string lights; the kind that require batteries. However, as cute as string lights are, they require a lot of  batteries if you decide to keep them on all the time. And eventually, they start to dim and your room won’t be as bright as you want it to be. Recently, I purchased some plain, white Christmas lights and my room has been been any brighter. It adds a warm glow to the room that my string lights couldn’t add. And, no need to worry about batteries! You simply plug your Christmas lights into the nearest outlet and ba-bam!

Image result for white christmas lights

9. More command hooks!

Before moving in, I had purchased a few command hooks and it definitely was not enough. I found myself needing command hooks for my coat, my towels, and decorations. Have your parents buy them for you, because command hooks are expensive. Make sure you follow the directions, because I didn’t and a few of my command hooks didn’t stick very well. Buy all sorts of command hooks: the thick ones, the ones for lights, and the regular ones. They will come in handy!


10. Pepper spray for the nights where you have to walk alone.

Before coming to college, I had always reminded myself to bring pepper spray with me. But, I forgot. When I was on campus, there were stories of girls who had gotten attacked during the night. My campus constantly reminded us to not walk alone, but some times, there’s just no other option. Pepper spray can give you that split second to run for help and escape. All the college ladies out there, please bring pepper spray. This is one of those things I truly wish I brought to college.



What are some things you wish you brought to college with you? Let us know! These are the things I wish I brought to college.

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