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10 Amazing Things I Want To Thank My Mom For

10 Amazing Things I Want To Thank My Mom For

10 Things I Want To Thank My Mom For

You’ve supported me every step along the way and let me become my own person and make my own decisions with what I want to do with my life. “Thank you” doesn’t even begin to say what you deserve to hear. These are some of the big and small things I want to thank my mom for!

1. Letting me sleep in your bed.

For all those nights I had nightmares, being sick, or just couldn’t sleep.

2. Cleaning up after me.

Yeah.. dishes and laundry just aren’t my thing. Or dusting. Forget the vacuum. I take that back- I’ll clean if you make me food, bring me food or if I can go out tonight.



3. For the good home cooked meals.

I didn’t realize how I took that for granted. I guess after 18 years you were ready for a change. The change was college food, and I miss your fajitas, tacos in a pan and stuffed peppers more than ever.


4. Unconditional love even when I talked back or insulted you.

First off- you protected me for nine months inside the womb from the world. Growing up, you took those silly home videos. I could see the love then. No matter the choices I’ve made or have yet to make, you’ve stuck by me and still choose to love me.

5. Answers

….. On my Chemistry homework. All joking aside, no matter the question; there’s always been an answer. It might’ve been at an age where I shouldn’t have heard some answers, but honestly is the best policy. It may be an answer I didn’t like or want to hear. Or as simple as, “I’m not answering that” ,the classic eye-roll or glance like “you’ve got to be kidding me”.


6. Being a shoulder to lean on.

Yeah, I had the rough teenage years. Being the typical 13 year old, I blamed everything that went wrong on you, even if you weren’t involved. You let me cry about boys, bad grades, being ditched, all that fun stuff. I didn’t realize that you weren’t a villain until it was too late, and I wish I was more friendly then than I was.  You put up with me, and I have no clue how you did.  And for letting talk about pointless stuff you probably never cared about.


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7. Shaping me into the person I am today.

You’ve shown me strength, intelligence, and how to do things. You taught me how to handle many things, how to tell right from wrong, how to see the best in people (even if I didn’t want to), and how to take after myself.


8. Sacrifices

You made sure you did what was best for me, even when it was hard. You gave up your summers to watch my sister and I at countless practices and tournaments. And for driving me 2 ½ years after I should’ve gotten a license (oops!).

9. Being my biggest fan at any milestone (besides dad).

At every sporting event, you wore a button of me. You cheered for me. You supported me with any decision I’ve made, whether we agreed on it or not. Thanks for that.

10. Just being a good friend.

I mean we’ve had movie nights, girls days outs, reassuring me things would always be okay, we’ve done almost everything together. I knew I could always count on you, thanks for that.


Does anything else come to mind when you think of “things I want to thank my mom for?” Share in the comments below!
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