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10 Things I Want To Thank My College Friends For

10 Things I Want To Thank My College Friends For

Your college friends have been there for you through one of, if not the biggest, transition of your life. You have a lot of things to thank them for!

They have been there for you through one of, if not the biggest, transition of your life. They are new additions to your life, but wow are they influential. They are there for you on your good days, on your bad days, and every day in between. They are there to laugh with you, cry with you, make memories with you, and do life with you. The reality of it all is that these people may be new friends compared your your longtime childhood friends, but they are their own special breed. Your college friends were thrown into to your life fairly quickly. You didn’t have years to get to know each other like you did your childhood friends. You had to accept people for who they are and love them for all that they have to offer. You have a lot to thank these one of a kind people for, some silly, some heartfelt, but all equally important. Here are 10 Things I Want To Thank My College Friends For.

1. Thank you for accepting me for who I am.

Sometimes I’m moody, sometimes I’m sassy, and some times I am just plain weird. Through all of this you accept me. You don’t judge me when I’m crying on facetime with my mom because I miss my dog. You don’t judge me when I insta stalk the boy I just met, or his old girlfriends. You don’t judge me when I order and eat a whole large pizza by myself. When I wear the same shirt to class three days in a row you don’t judge. You love and care about me as the person I am and you truly and 100% accept me for who I am.

2. Thank you for loving on me when I need it most.


You have been their for every dorm cry session, every late night breakdown, and every spell of homesickness. You always offer your shoulder (or futon) to cry on. You always have tissues and chocolate at hand to make a girl feel better. You been there through every jerk guy, mean girl, and rude teacher. You are their when the day has just been bad and I need a hug. You are always there no mater the time of day (or night) and I cannot thank you enough for this.

3. Thank you for always having my back.

Not only are you always there for me, but in every situation you have my back. You always support everything I do. Yes, if you do not agree with me you are quick to point it out, but once I make my decision I know I’ll have your support regardless. When a boy hurts me he hurts all of us. When a girl is rude to one of us she affects all of us. When I don’t like somebody you don’t like somebody. When somebody pisses me off, they piss us all off. That’s the beauty of friendship.I know you would have my back if anybody was talking smack or swinging (lol that would never happen but still you’ be there).



4. Thank you for loving food just as much as I do.

Thank you for loving queso and guac as much as I do and for always being down for Mexcian, I mean ALWAYS.. Thank you for always saying yes to late night Dominos orders and for  sometimes saying yes to cinnasticks. Thank you for not judging me when I go through the dining hall lines more than once, and for not being weirded out when I can’t decide what I want so I end up having cereal and the pasta line. Thanks for all the “girl’s night appetizers” and all the times we go to get sushi “just cause”. Food is one of the loves of my life and you get that. Thanks.

5. Thank you for always being down for a random adventure.


Whether it’s skipping school to go to the beach, having a random movie night, or going to a concert where we maybe know one song, you are always down for an adventure. We never really set concrete plans because usually what we are going to do is decided at the last minute, and by usually I mean aways. It is the unplanned random adventures that are the most fun. It’s where so many memories are made. I am so thankful for all the last minute concerts, parties, trips, datenights, and adventures we have had so far. I know you will always jump at any opportunity to go have some fun no matter how random and last minute it may be, and for that I’m thankful.

6. Thank you for being the life of the party with me.

Every event is a fun event when we are involved. Thank you for accepting the fact that I can’t dance but cheering me on when I bust out all my “creative moves”. Thank you for always saying yes to dressing up for socials and making crazy matchy costumes with me. Thank you for being just as loud and outgoing as I am so that we never feel awkward or embarrassed (even when we should be). Life is so much more fun when we don’t have to worry about what people think and can just let loose and have a good time. I couldn’t do that without you.


7. Thank you for always making me take advantage of every opportunity.

Thank you for making me break out of my comfort zone and for making me take advantage of every opportunity. All of those nights where I wanted to stay in and you “forced” me to get off the couch and go participate in life. Looking back some of our funnest moments were after times I didn’t want to go to things. Thank you for making me become friends with everyone including girls in other sororities, different frats, and awesome non-greek people. Thank you for making me join random clubs with you and going to random community service events (aka meal on the lawns hehe). Thank you for never letting me say no and for teaching me that saying yes leads to memories and to fun… most of the time.

8. Thank you for sharing your closet with me.

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Thank you for allowing our friendship to include the phrase “what is mine is yours”….aka clothes. Due to this our closets  all get rummaged through multiple times a week, but hey giving is receiving so it’s worth it. We all wear each others dresses for date nights, our shoes for downtown, and each others jeans, for when we just haven’t come around to washing our own. Even when we know good and well we aren’t all the exact same size we still look through each other’s stuff constantly and constantly try it all on. The dorm halls become a runway when formal is rolling around as we all try to mix and match dresses and shoes. Fashion is fun when you don’t actually have to buy 10 brand name outfits. You just buy one and borrow the other nine from your friends. Thank you for supplying me with multiple cute outfits on multiple occasions, I couldn’t have done it without you (and your closet).


9. Thank you for all of your kind words, advice, and encouragement.


You are honest, unfiltered, and pure with your words. You are always there to cheer me on and encourage me(regardless of if what I am doing is good or bad). Should I dance on this table….ofcourse. Should I skip class to go get Mexican for lunch…Duh. Should I study for this test… hmm maybe not. Thank you for always being there to give advice about life, love, and the pursuit of frat boys. You are always there to compliment my outfits, after you have vetoed the first three. You are always there to make me smile with your kind words of encouragement on a bad day. You are always a screenshot message away to help me come up with a response to a text. Thanks for all of this but mostly for telling me that everything is going to be just fine!

10. Thank you for being My Person.

You are such a blessing to me. I cannot thank you enough for everything you do for me. You are there for me whenever I need you. You love all the same things I do. You are very opinionated, yet so kind, caring, and encouraging. You never let me down and somehow you never fail to impress me with who you are. You are hilarious, sassy, and the life of the party. You are loads of fun and full of spirit. You are outgoing and talkative, yet such a good listener. You are who you are and I absolutely love it. I am so lucky to have come to college and met you, because you have made college 100 times better. You make this place feel even more like home. Thank you for being my person, and most importantly my friend.

What are some other things you want to thank your college friends for? Comment below & share with your college friends to let them know how much they mean to you!
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