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10 Things I Want To Thank My Best Friend’s Mom For

10 Things I Want To Thank My Best Friend’s Mom For

Throughout life, you will get that friend whose mom is really the absolute best. She makes you feel like a part of the family and you have to thank her!

Throughout life you have friends that come and go but if you are lucky enough to find those friends who are good and genuine, never let them go. Through my friendships I’ve gotten the honor of meeting some of their families and when you see where the good people you call friends come from its eye-opening and makes you realize how good it is to have a friend that is sincere and true. Since my own mother passed it felt comforting to have someone who is like another mother figure in my life. To be honest it makes me miss my own mom even more, but they are incredible and here are somethings I want to thank them for.

1. Thank You Birthing My Best Friend(s)

First of all, thank you for your child. Thank you for making one of the people in my life that I am forever grateful to have. Coming from a person who doesn’t make friends as easily as others, it’s nice to have your daughter as my best friend.

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2. Thank You for Your Kindness

Thank you being one of the nicest people in the world. When people do nice things for me, it really means a lot. In a world where people don’t often do things for people of true kindness, you really are a gem.

3. “Thank You For Being A Friend”

“Travel down the road and back again…” I appreciate having you and your kin folk around. You are the people who’d I’d want to have in my corner always.

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4. Thank For Making Me Feel Welcomed

Thank you for welcoming me into your home and making me feel like one of your own. I’ve never felt more belonging than I have with your family. Your daughter is like a sister to me and for that I am truly grateful for you and her.

5. Thank You For Your Hospitality

Thank you for the fact that you are willing to give to someone like me. And that your home is like a second home for me.

6. Thank You For Being So F**kin Cool

Excuse the language, but you are so fucking cool and one of the realest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When I think of real, I think of you. You will always be the real definition of a badass.

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7. Thank You For Your Generosity

Thank you for being someone who is willing to help and give when I need it or when you buy a lot of perfume and don’t want it.

8. Thank You For The Laughs

A long with being a terrific mother and the mother of my best friend you are hilarious and I love it. I always knew your daughter was a riot, but you are obviously where she gets it from. As a person who appreciates a good laugh and a good time you’re a 10.

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9. Thank You For The Advice

When my mom passed I went and still go through phases where I feel lost and could use guidance of someone older that I trust. You are one of the people I feel like I can come to with a problem and feel things will be okay.

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10. Thank You For Being Like Another Mother To Me

You are an awesome human being and I thank God for blessing me with you both. It’s a great feeling knowing I have people like you in my circle I know I can count on. Thank you for being a extension of my family, you are truly amazing.

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