10 Things I Want To Say To The Boyfriend That Cheated On Me

Here's what to say to the boyfriend that cheated. Cheating boyfriends are disgusting. Here is how to cope with a cheating boyfriend.

I’ve been cheated on a lot more than I could actually handle. You know the athlete, the nice guy and oh!!!! Can’t forget the class clown but over the years I’ve come to realized that sometimes having boyfriend that you love and realized that he cheated it really sucks so…… I have came up with 10 things that I want to say to the boyfriend that cheated on me.

I’m not dumb.. trust me.

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I do my research I knew you cheated way before you told me.

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Please tell your side piece not to post you two on social media (Dummy).

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If you knew you were going to cheat don’t do it with my cousin’s girlfriend.

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You shouldn’t have tried to play me, I’m not boo boo the fool.

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I wonder how you felt when I confronted you about having sex with my cousins girlfriend.. hope she was worth it.

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Hope you knew that I have eyes everywhere.

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Why wait five years to tell me you cheated.

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Why deny that you cheated.. I already knew.

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I hope you realized you lost a QUEEN to a joke that still left you..

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Let us know what you think about what you’d say to the boyfriend that cheated in the comments below!
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