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10 Things I Want My Best Friend To Know Before Moving

10 Things I Want My Best Friend To Know Before Moving

These things I want my best friend to know before we move are important, Here are 10 things I need my best friend to know before moving away.

Here are 10 things I want my best friend to know before we move to separate states:

1. Things are going to change…and they won’t

We won’t be able to spend every weekend together like we want to. We probably won’t get to have late night Denny’s dates like we used to all the time. But this doesn’t mean that when you make a reference to “The Office” you won’t text me like you usually do.

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2. We’re going to make new friends

I’ll tell you stories about how my new friend Maddy and I took over a frat and you’ll tell me about how Alex is driving you crazy.

3. It’s going to suck a lot

I’m going to miss you a lot. And it’ll feel like we aren’t friends half the time. This doesn’t mean we aren’t, it just means that we’re taking out the stresses of school on each other.

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4. FaceTime will be our new best friend

Even if you get to FaceTime me in the middle of walking to class and I’m doing to laundry and the connection is horrible, it’ll be the savior of our friendship.

5. I promise to write you letters

I know that writing snail mail is our thing and moving five hours away just means that we get to actually write letters to each other. I don’t care if your letter gets here a month after you wrote it, who doesn’t love getting mail? This is one of those things I want my best friend to know so you never feel alone.

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6. It’ll be frustrating most of the time

I’ll probably be trying to FaceTime you while you’re at work and you’ll probably be trying to text me during a Chem lab, but that’s just college. It’ll be incredibly frustrating to try and get in touch with each other, but it’ll be fine.

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7. We will not speak for weeks on end

I can already predict that we won’t be able to talk much during finals time. But after that, we can sit at our favorite coffee shop and complain about our professors.friends, friendship, and girl image

8. Breaks from school will feel weird

It’ll feel like we don’t know each other a lot of the time during the break, but then we’ll get into telling the stories about high school and all will feel right with the world.

9. I probably won’t remember the names of all of your friends

As much as I promise that I’m listening during our FaceTime conversations, it’s possible I may have missed a name or two. Sorry bud.friends, friendship, and book image

10. You’ll always be my best friend

Plain and simple. If we’re across the country from each other or if we’re two minutes away from each other, you’ll always be my best friend.

Let us know what you think about the things I want my best friend to know in the comments below!
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