13 Things I Don’t Tell My Mom Nearly As Often As I Should

Things I Don't Tell My Mom Nearly As Often As I Should

As we slowly roll into the most tense part of the year, college students start to miss home more than they thought possible. When we encounter the monster that is procrastination, we start to wish for anything other than more schoolwork. Personally, my thoughts normally turn to my mom and how much I miss her, and how thankful I am for having her around. Here are 13 things I don’t tell my mom enough:

1. Thank you for everything!

Let’s start with the most cliché statement! Everyone knows that the number one thing you should always tell your mom is thank you. Not only has she done so much for you, she also gave birth to you. She’s the reason you’re alive, so why not thank her every day!

2. You were right.

Whether it’s about homework or failing at “adulting,” it’s hard to admit that you are wrong.  However, acknowledging that you were wrong and your mom was right is completely understandable. At least she won’t judge you for your failings.


3. You look nice today.

I mean, everyone likes being told they look nice. It’s the least you can do for your mom. Also, if she looks good, it means you do too, because half of your good looks come from her.

4. I’ve got it.

Again, everyone likes help, especially when its unexpected. Offering to help your mom is something she will seriously appreciate. Also, if you do not tell her this enough, then you’re not a cool kid.


5. I miss you.

I mean, who doesn’t miss their mom. So just say it!

6. Can you help me with…

Moms are smart too. Personally, I understand that sometimes people forget how smart their mom is, but just like the looks, you get your intelligence from somewhere, too. She knows how to help, and if she doesn’t, she’ll cry over how confusing it is with you.


7. This tastes amazing.

This one is self explanatory. They put the effort into making it, you should acknowledge the effort!

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8. You’re really cool.

Moms are cool! Make sure you tell them often, because you know you want to be considered cool when you’re older too!


9. Thank you for understanding.

Moms have been through the same things as us before, so there’s no reason to not go to her for advice. When you receive that advice, it will help you more than you would expect, so make sure to turn around and thank your mom.

10. I’m sorry.

Sometimes it slips our minds that we should treat our moms with the utmost respect. So for those times when you make a mistake, do not be afraid to tell her that you are sorry.

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11. Can you tell me about that time when…

This applies to every aspect of our moms’ lives. I love asking my mom about how she met my dad, and I’m pretty sure she likes telling me about her life, too. Also, asking her to tell you stories about when you were little are guaranteed to make her day a little better.


12. You’re the best.

For you, your mom is doing her absolute best. Make sure to remind her that she is everything that you need, and definitely the best mom ever.

13. I love you!

Because you can never say it enough times.


Can you add to this list of things I don’t tell my mom nearly as often as I should? Let us know in the comments!

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