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10 Things He’s Only Doing To Make You Mad After A Breakup

10 Things He’s Only Doing To Make You Mad After A Breakup

After a breakup guys do a lot of things just to get under your skin. Here is our list of things to look out for that he's doing to make you mad.

Let’s be honest…breaking up with someone is never easy.  However, dealing with a messy breakup is even worse.  It isn’t uncommon to feel the urge to make your ex  think and feel that you’re doing better without them, but most of the time this is just an act.  Here are 10 things he’s probably only doing to make you mad after a breakup.

1. Becoming More Active On Social Media

Prepare yourself for you ex to suddenly become an active member across all social media platforms.  Having more time to do so is one reason, but knowing your an active member and hoping to catch your attention is another and probably the main reason for the random spike in activity.

2. Tweeting About Old Common Interests

Your favorite food spot is Panera and your ex just tweeted a picture of a bread bowl.  This is common after breakups, but just know these types of actions are only being done because they know you will react to posts like this.  Take it as a sign that you are definitely still on their mind because they are still taking interests in yours.

3. Posing For Pictures With Girls

He would’t have dared when you were together, but know it’s pretty much all you see on his feed. Whether it’s with random girls or his close girl friends, this is a common tactic used to gain an ex’s attention after a breakup. Take a deep breath and keep scrolling.

4. Not Watching Your Snapchat Stories

Let’s be honest… we’ve all done it.  Scrolling through a list of names only looking for one.  What better way to get under someone’s skin than to deny them of this small pleasure? You see that your ex has been active on Snapchat, but still hasn’t viewed your story.  It’s clear that they are playing a game and only doing it to make you mad.

5. Going Out More

He used to be a home body, but now suddenly enjoys going out and being around people…yeah we aren’t buying it.  In all reality, he’s trying to keep himself busy.  Going out and surrounding yourself with other people is a common method used to get your mind off of sensitive subjects that it is gravitating toward when not keeping busy.

6. Talking To Your Friends

This is usually done because your ex KNOWS that your friends will tell you right away when they receive that text or run into them in public.  Anything that will bring up their name in a conversation is something that your ex wants and strives for if they are trying to keep you from forgetting abut them.  The best way to handle this is to tell your friends to avoid, avoid, avoid!

7. Partying Every Weekend

He was never party type when you were dating, but now it seems like that’s all he does. Partying and drinking is used commonly in order to numb true feelings.  It also makes it seem like there is so much to do now that you’ve broken up.

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8. Actually Doing The Activities You Never Did While Dating

Remember that restaurant you wanted to go to while you were together? Or that movie you were dying to see? Yep, that’s now high on the list of your ex’s to-do list.  By actually doing the activities you never did or planned on doing while dating, your ex can add a small victory to their chart and prove to your that their life has gone on after the break up.

9. Texting You Randomly

Trying to get on with your life after a break up can be difficult, but it’s even harder to move on if you keeping receiving texts at random time from your ex.  Every time their name pops up on your phone can feel like another step in the opposite direction.  Try blocking his number or calmly telling him to give you your space after the split.

10. Going To Your Favorite Spots In Town

If your ex is frequently visiting your favorite spots in town such as restaurants, stores or coffee shops, this can only mean they are wanting to run into you in person.  Texting is one things, but seeing someone in person can stir up all types of buried feelings. It’s best to avoid seeing your ex i public for this reason, unless you have hope for the future.

Breakups are rough, but they can be even more of cloud over your head when your ex keeps doing things in order to catch your attention.  Focus on yourself after a breakup and do things that make you happy for YOU, not just to get your ex to turn their head your way again.
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