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10 Things That Actually Happen During Kent State Recruitment

10 Things That Actually Happen During Kent State Recruitment

10 Things That Actually Happen During Kent State Recruitment

Kent State recruitment is the happiest week of the year for sorority girls and PNMs. It’s full of tears, joy, and glitter (so much glitter), and so much happens in just a week. For the most part, it’s a very positive week; however, some things are bound to happen that aren’t so glamorous. Keep reading for 10 things that actually happen during Kent State recruitment!

1. There will be some awkward moments.

Although no one wants to admit it, you will encounter some awkward moments when going through recruitment. Whether it’s letting something embarrassing slip, taking a fall, or having a wardrobe malfunction, these things are inevitable. Just laugh it off, and don’t let it ruin recruitment for you.

2. There will be tough conversations.

Yes, you will have conversations with girls that just flow so easily, but there will be others that are going to take a little more effort. You are not going to make a connection with every single girl you talk to, and that is okay, but out of respect for the girl and the chapter, try your best to make friendly conversation with every girl you talk to.


3. There will be sweat…a lot of it.

When you are in those rooms in the Student Center filled with hundreds of girls, you will sweat. Try to wear light, airy clothes, and if you need to fan yourself while talking to a girl, do it. There will be no judgment because she’s probably thinking the same thing.


4. There will be tears.

Good tears or bad tears or both, there will surely be a lot of them. You’ll see girls crying because they didn’t get asked back to their top house, and others crying from pure excitement on bid day. Tears are an inevitable part of recruitment, so come prepared with some waterproof mascara.


5. There will be so much second guessing.

As bid day gets closer and closer, you second guess your top pick and which house you truly see yourself in- the whole nine yards. Just follow your heart, don’t think about it, and go with the chapter you would truly feel sad not being apart of. Don’t worry about what other people (even your best friend) thinks about it; do what feels right to you.

6. Some people will be rude about your decision to be in a sorority.

DO NOT LET THOSE PEOPLE IMPACT YOUR DECISION. Trust me, I did not end up going through recruitment until I was a sophomore because of it. Screw everyone else’s opinions; if you want join a sorority, do it for you. If you want to be president of a sorority, do it because you want to. No one else’s opinions matter.

7. You will meet a girl at one of the chapters who you become obsessed with.

It happens to all of us, we meet a girl at one of the chapters at Kent State, and we become obsessed with them. Whatever round it may be, whenever you meet her, she’ll become one of the reasons why you make a decision to live in a certain house. Even if she isn’t in the same chapter you are in, that obsession will last.

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8. You will be stressed.

Not only are the sorority girls stressed, but you will be too. Deciding on a “home away from home” is a stressful process. Not only that, but the freshness of college and classes adds a little more stress to the entire equation. Try to stay relaxed and calm, and just enjoy the experience.

9. There will be a lot of waiting.

I wish someone would’ve told me this before hand. You will be waiting to line up for what seems like hours, and those alphabetical lines will last an eternity. There is a lot of waiting for potential new members because the sorority girls have to make sure everything is perfect before they introduce themselves to you. Bring homework, or get to know the girls in your sorority recruitment group; it’ll make the time go faster.



10. There is so much happiness.

One of the greatest things about recruitment is there is much happiness and love surrounding everyone…it truly is the highlight of every chapter’s year. Adding amazing girls to their chapter, and finding new homes for potential new members is such an incredible feeling. Don’t get caught up in the background noise; just enjoy the experience and the bonds you form with the chapters and the girls in them.

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