22 Things Guys Wear That Make Them Hotter

Gain attention with your good looks and alluring personality. Here are 22 things that guys can wear to make themselves look and feel hotter!

With so many people out and about in the world, it can often be difficult to stand out. But there are ways that you can break away from the crowd and captivate others. Gain attention with your good looks and alluring personality. Here are 22 things guys wear that make them hotter. You’re welcome!


If you look cool and confident, you’ll feel cooler and more confident. Shades do just that. Plus, they help make your face appear more symmetrical, tricking the other person’s mind into finding you more attractive.



A smile

Alright, I have to admit that this one is a little corny to say. But hey, I honestly believe that guys that are happier are more attractive. Showing off your pearly whites makes you seem more open and friendly. And we’re naturally drawn to people that are happier.


Your favorite band t-shirt

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Panic! At The Disco, blink-182, or Sublime, there’s something so intriguing about a guy that wears band t-shirts. It makes me want to know more about his interests. It sparks conversations. Even if we don’t have similar interests, I still admire the fact that a guy is willing to outwardly express what he likes and specific opinions that he has.


Here are 22 things that guys can wear to make themselves look and feel hotter!


Joggers are the perfect hybrid between jeans and sweatpants. They’re super comfy, but they don’t look sloppy or bummy. They come in jean-type colors. I love the way that they naturally crease near the ankle and knee. Throw on some nice kicks with joggers and you’ve got my attention.

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Plain white tee and ripped jeans

This outfit is so classic and it’s easy for anyone to pull it off. It’s super carefree. Plus, there are so many unique accessories that you can add to your outfit in order to make it more “you.” Take a basic combination to the next level with things like chunky rings or a bold jacket. Overall I just love how crisp and clean this outfit is.



Nice-smelling cologne

Hygiene is always important. Smelling good is definitely part of that. If you’re worried about breaking the bank for spending a load of money on cologne, have no fear. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive scents for men. One of my personal favorites is Elixir Black by C.O. Bigelow Barber, which you can buy on Amazon online or at a Bath & Body Works.

Bomber jacket

They’re so stylish, and practical too. They’re usually thick and padded. You’ll find that they’re a great staple for your wardrobe. My personal favorite is the olive green bomber.



A meaningful accessory

What I mean by this is a necklace or bracelet that represents something important to him. It might be a cross that represents his religion, or a symbol that represents a life-changing event. I feel like wearing accessories like this as a constant reminder to stay true to oneself is super attractive because it shows that you have values. It shows that you’re more than surface-level.



Dress shirt

Pair it with some khakis and maybe some Sperrys and you have yourself a pretty solid outfit. Even though it’s a step up from casual, it’s still pretty simple as far as clothing combinations go. You’ll look effortlessly poised.

A dress shirt is typically worn by men at formal occasions. It is just a simple shirt with a collar and buttons that can be dressed up with a tie or bow tie. "Men's Dress Shirt." N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013.



A positive attitude

I cannot stress this enough. If you’re super negative all the time and you put others down, people won’t want to be around you. When a guy is super lively and happy right off the bat, it’s an instant turn on. Be the person that lifts others up and is kind and dependable. It will really pay off in the long run.


A color that compliments his eyes

Red and gold colored shirts make blue eyes appear more bright and intense. Same with purple tones and green eyes. You want to wear clothes that draw attention to your beautiful eyes. After all, they say your eyes are the window to your soul.



A statement watch

What I love about watches is their ability to make any outfit more elegant. And if you’re looking for that final touch, they have the ability to tie everything altogether. I feel like guys who wear watches appear really mature and professional. And there’s also a really nostalgic, old-fashioned aspect about watches that is noteworthy.

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A suitable haircut

Find a haircut that properly frames your face and shows off your killer jawline or soft edges. I personally love when guys sport a combover, but it’s definitely a style that looks better on some than others. But anyway, great hair is something to strive for. And it’s one of the first things that I personally notice about a guy.




C’mon, who doesn’t love a nerd? Glasses are so cute. And they make you look a heck of a lot more intelligent. So don’t be afraid to geek out and wear your frames—especially if you need them to see.

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Football jersey

Or any other sports apparel. It’s so adorable when guys get excited about supporting their favorite sports team and it’s nice to see them show off their passions.


Leather jacket

Now, while not every guy can pull off a leather jacket, those who can will reap the benefits. There’s something so badass and edgy about sporting leather that ensures you’ll turn heads.


Aquele pretinho básico

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A suit and tie

Class. For. Days. Who can resist a man in a suit? Not me, that’s for sure. It’s always nice to dress up and show everyone just how fancy you can be, even if you don’t have an interview or an event to go to.

Nice 27 Cool and Fashionable Dark Blue Suit for Men from https://www.fashionetter.com/2017/04/14/27-cool-fashionable-dark-blue-suit-men/



Light gray sweatpants

I’ll leave this one to your imagination.

Here are 22 things that guys can wear to make themselves look and feel hotter!

All black

Wearing all black is so sleek yet so mysterious. Who’s the sultry guy at that table in the coffee shop? You’ll leave everyone wanting to know more. There’s also a subconscious sense of danger and risk associated with darker hues that makes a man in all black so appealing.


Pants should have more room and not be torn but the coat isn't bad.


Something loud and proud

Like a neon sweatshirt or a t-shirt with a crazy pattern on it. I have major respect for guys that have the guts to go outside the norm and wear something bold or quirky. It really shows that you’re willing to be who you really are, regardless of what anyone thinks.



Well-fitting jeans

Try on a hundred pairs of jeans if you have to, in order to find the right one. But trust me, it will be worth it. A good pair of jeans will hug your curves in all of the right places!



Snapback hat

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved the skater-guy style. Snapbacks are a must. This style is super casual and youthful.

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