22 Things Guys Wear That Instantly Make Them Hotter

Men’s fashion has exploded recently, becoming more popular and trendy than ever. It might be thanks to all the Instagram models donning the latest looks or the trendy celebs inspiring the ultimate #OutfitGoals. Either way, guys are beginning to spend more attention and more time on their appearance, because we all know a well dressed man is super attractive. So guys, if you’re looking for a little wardrobe inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 22 things guys wear that instantly make them hotter!

1. Baseball Tees

There’s just something about the contrast of color on a guy’s arms that makes his shoulders look soooooo nice.

I love this guys baseball t shirt!

2. Henley Shirts

This is a popular favorite for sure, it’s just like a long sleeve t-shirt, but it looks like you care how you dress because there are buttons involved. A guy who cares about his appearance even just a little bit, is just that much more attractive.

This henley looks so good!

3. Soccer Pants/Track Pants

The skinny Adidas track pants or soccer pants are basically everything. There is something about athletes that has held fascination for centuries and these pants just bring that to a head. Plus, they’re fun to borrow.

track pants are so hot!

4. Collared Shirts

In the same vein as Henley’s, caring about your appearance shows that you can care about something, and a man who cares about something is sexy. Collared shirts aren’t the most comfortable to wear, but they are seen as something worn by the educated, successful men of our society.

Guy's collared shirts are amazing!

5. Blazers

Blazers are hot for a similar reason, being that success is so attractive. Also, a well fitting blazer really accentuate’s a guys arms and shoulders, and adds a polish that we can’t help but want to bring home to meet the parents.

Blazers are super attractive!

6. Wing Tip Shoes

They’re classy, sophisticated, and remind us Gossip Girl addicts of the legendary Chuck Bass. Enough said.

Guy's wing tip shoes are amazing!

7. Slim Fitting Dress Pants

Slim fitting dress pants are like the classy men’s version of leggings.

This suit is amazing!

8. Skinny Ties

They just draw attention to a guy’s torso in a more subdued way. The skinny tie is so retro and charming. Sigh.

This suit is amazing!

9. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have this rugged meets polished vibe that’s kind of what I think a lot of us picture in an “ideal guy.” Someone who you can go camping with one day and then to a symphony the next.

I love this denim jacket look!

10. Fun Socks

Show us some personality! Socks are many guys’ quiet rebellion to strict dress codes at school or work. A guy with a sense of humor who’s willing to show it to us in little ways is really hot.

These fun socks are so cute!

11. Sports Jersey

Aforementioned fascination with sports continued, but this time with a focus on being specifically interested and knowledgeable about a specific team. If you’re passionate about something, share it, it’s attractive to know things! (Hard to believe, right?)

Guys in jerseys are so hot!

12. Cool Sneakers

Something casual and comfortable like Vans or Converse. It’s the classic younger generation shoe.

Converse sneakers on guys look so good!

13. A Plaid Shirt

Something about the way the lines of the plaid look on all different shapes and sizes combined with the fact that the lumberjack craze will never be over, makes plaid shirts or flannels very desirable.

Guys wearing flannel is super hot!

14. Baseball Caps

Forward or backward, they’re one of the hottest things guys wear, we can steal them to flirt with you, and they can display a whole variety of things about your personality.

I love when guys wear baseball caps!

15. A Watch

It doesn’t even have to be a really nice watch, just the fact that you care about the time is somehow attractive.

A nice watch can say a lot about a person!

16. A Nice Coat

A Coat that has some style to it. Style meaning that it shares something about the person wearing it. So find a jacket that you really like, and let it keep you warm. Plus, eventually you could be lending that coat to your s/o, so make sure it’s something worth sharing.

This guy's jacket is amazing!

17. A Hoodie

In the realm of lending someone a jacket, there is just something so sexy about a soft hoodie. The more comfy the better, just minimize the Cheetos dust.

I love guys in hoodies!

18. A Knit Sweater

Nothing reminds me more of a rustic mountain man than warm sweaters. The best ones are the ones with toggle buttons and wintery prints. It just makes me want to snuggle up next to the fire with whoever is wearing it.

This knit sweater looks so good on him!19. Boots

Boots are not only practical in the winter and rainy months, but they’re quite dashing. Mostly because not a whole lot of guys wear them. So add these to your list of things guys wear, you’re welcome.

I love these guy's boots!

20. Glasses

Okay, so this one is kind of dependent on a couple things. 1) If you need glasses, and you wear glasses, they’re hot. And 2) sunglasses are always a plus, as long as they’re not the dad sunglasses. Still, there’s something so Clark Kent about a guy in glasses..definitely one of the hottest things guys wear.

There's something about a guy in glasses!

21. Well Fitting Jeans

Guy butts are a thing. They’re great, so if you got it, flaunt it. A pair of jeans that are comfortable yet still fitted are not only a classic wardrobe essential, but are one of the hotter things a guy can wear.

Well fitting jeans on guys is super attractive!22. Scarves

Maybe this is just the fashion lover in me, but a guy who wears scarves is an attractive guy. I think it’s because he is striking the balance between style and utility, being that they are warm. Or maybe it’s that he’s comfortable enough with his masculinity to wear something that less confident people might deem as feminine. Either way, they’re hot.

I love when guys wear scarves!

Do you know of any other things guys wear that instantly make them hotter? Share in the comments below!

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