10 Things Guys Do Turn Girls On That Aren’t Sexual

Weirdly enough, girls have a lot of sensations that can get sparked without having to be intimate with their partner in a sexual manner. Turning girls on without being physical is I believe rewarding and shows more to you than what you can provide sexual for her.

Here are 10 ways to turn your girl on that isn’t sexual:

1. A man that can cook in the kitchen

It’s always nice to not have to cook all the time, so why not get a man that can cook. A man that can cook is a keeper. Imagine coming home and seeing your man in the kitchen whipping up a meal for you after a long work day.

Sitting there and watching a man cook food, go through the process of cutting up vegetables and getting down to the business is a complete turn on for girls, which might not even result in not eating what he cooked for you.

2. Driving

Driving and staying focused on the road, making sure that he is driving safe, is oddly something that makes them more desirable. It’s not really something that you would connect to someone when you see them drive but it’s something about watching your boyfriend or an individual that you have a crush on that makes you go a bit wild.

3. A Nice White V- Neck Shirt

A man in a white v-neck shirt is jaw-dropping. I remember my sophomore to junior year in high school I had a major crush on this kid named Johnni and he would faithfully wear v-necks and it would kill me, like why you doing this to me.

It’s the collarbone that shows through and it is absolutely amazing, lol. Geesh

4. Passionate When He Speaks

The excitement that comes from him when he is speaking about something that means a lot to him is warm. When you hear the passion behind how he feels, it is only right that you start to care more about what he is more passionate about.

Turning girls on just by the passion in his voice is a product of a disaster.

5. Family Orientated

Something about a man that values the importance of family and understands what family means is a complete turn on. It’s not just because he has a special place in his heart for family, but it shows you what he will be like in the future if you were to start one with him.

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6. Good Morning Calls

I swear guys know what they are doing when they are doing when they make those morning calls knowing damn well their voice is raspy and soothing. Do they have a second instinct when they know that if they do this they will have the mood set?

7. Eye Contact

It’s something about making eye contact with him or when he keeps eye contact with you while you guys are having a conversation, that turns your girl on all the way. Eye contact does something to the soul, it’s like damn this dude is really giving me consistent eye contact.

8. Grey Sweatpants

The ultimate item that is a turner for turning girls on is the grey sweatpants epidemic. If you haven’t heard the grey sweatpants, is what girls admire more because they get to see packages if you know what they mean.

9. Being Thoughtful

Putting in the effort to show that you are interested in the person that you are with is very important, so when you make gestures and do little things like the buying them gifts or taking them out somewhere speaks volume.

10. Good Hygiene

Smell good guys, that’s a major turn on, you don’t want to be smelly trying to get with a girl. On top of smelling fresh, you should make sure your nails are clean and cut short, your breath is fresh and your teeth are clean.

Turning girls on, what do you think I missed. Leave your comment below and let me know what your top 10 things guys do that turns girls on.

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Toni Harris

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